St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

  Ah, the Monday after St. Patty’s weekend. Nobody likes this Monday. Including me. I had way too much FUN this weekend. Let’s recap some of it, shall we?
Saturday evening was so festively topped off with a few green beers. We hammocked some more (yes, I turned it into a verb) & then grilled out. And shortly after, turned our grill into a fire pit. We are so classy.

After Harpie Doodle went to bed, we got a little creative with our evening activities. Remember all of the sippy cups I told you leak or have cracked after getting hulk-smashed to the ground? Well, they always say sippy cups aren’t for chardonnay, but nobody ever said they weren’t to be used for target practice! It’s just a harmless pellet gun (although it looks totally badass, right?), but I told you there would be shenanigans!
 We’re from Iowa, folks.
Since we grilled Steaks on Saturday night, my husband informed me that we could not have a festive breakfast because we would be eating Steak & Eggs on Sunday morning. He apologetically told me that I couldn’t make it festive, no green eggs, no shamrock shaped steak, just a regular ol’ MAN breakfast.
Jokes on him.
 I told you it was possible to shamrock shape anything.

Harper loved her first taste of kiwi, it’s been so fun introducing her to all of these new foods. I guess it took a green holiday for me to consider buying that seemingly weird fuzzy fruit.

And in the spirit of Saint Patrick, she even let me put on her festive leprechaun hat (from Von Maur), just long enough for me to capture these hilarious pics. One day she is going to discover these pictures & I just know that I’m going to pay.
The rest of the afternoon, we wore our matching green sweatshirts & soaked up every last drop of the beautiful weekend weather outside. Harper got this outdoor swing for her birthday so we are anxious to hang it now that the weather is nice. It’s just a matter of figuring out where to put it, Brandon shut me down on hanging it in the dining room.
(Updated: yes, Harper’s is from the boy section & I cut the collar of mine again. I took pictures this time so I will post a quick tutorial for anyone interested!)
Unfortunately, we rolled into this week with Harper not feeling so hot & me having to go out of town for a few days for work. No mama wants to be away from their sick babe. All the more reason why I wish I could rewind back to the start of the weekend. Boo.

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