Beachbound Baby.

We are heading to Florida for a wedding in just a few short weeks. It will be Harper’s first time at the beach & I am oh so excited! Of course, I have to laugh at the picture perfect image of beaching it with a baby that I have in my head. We all know what it’s really going to be like. Kid eating sand. Everything sweaty, sticky & germy. Pigeon poop everywhere.  People judging me while I try to sip a rum runner with my kid on my lap. Kid eating more sand. Ah, it will be bliss, right?

My favorite part of planning for the trip? SWIMWEAR! I couldn’t pass up this adorable colorblock two piece that I found the other day, I put it on her just before bedtime the other night & we were just loving life!
Dad was less than impressed.

Color Block Ruffle Bikini

I am absolutely obsessed with swimwear. I put together a few cute swimwear styles with matches for mama, dying over all of this cuteness. I had to get Harper a fun straw hat too, girl’s gotta be stylin’ in some shade! 🙂
Three: Polka Dot Bikini, Fedora, Coverup
And matches for mama for each look!
One: Ruffle One Piece. Two: Eyelet Bikini. Three: Polka Dot Bikini

And dudes. So many cute styles for dudes! A simple navy swimsuit (Like this one shoulder one piece from J.Crew) for mama would be the perfect match for these adorable colorblock cool looks!


 One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

Here are some of the goodies that will be coming along to Florida with us, my new favorite suit & two of Harper’s to match. Loving all the neon colors!

Baby Suits from Gap (out of stock), Jeweled Black Two Piece

Swimsuits are my one serious closet obsession. I wore the same pair of Nike Shox for literally eight years, yet probably bought eight swimsuits per year during that time. We do spend a LOT of time at the pool in the summer though, so maybe the cost-per-use rule can apply? 🙂

Speaking of the beach, I plan to recap all of our beach-bag essentials & road trip activities. Ah, yes, another road trip.
At least this trip is only seven hours & won’t require my husband & I to drink tallboys in the bathroom while Harper sleeps in dark, quiet peace in our hotel room. Not that we’ve done that.


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