Our Day in Pictures

To sum it up, a typical day at home looks something like this. I wake up around 6:00 am (I know you’ll think that’s crazy, but we also go to bed no later than 10:30 pm each night). First things very first, I brew my first cup of coffee & put it in the freezer! 🙂 I usually try to get my workout in right away, and like I’ve said, my workouts are no more than 30 minutes. I have time to get started working no later than 6:45 or 7 am.
Harper doesn’t wake up until 8:30, so I feed her, we play for a while & then I am back working again by 9:15. She usually plays by herself (all of her toys are brand new in the morning) until she takes her first nap at 10:30. I continue working from 10:30-12:30 while she is napping. We eat lunch together when she wakes up from her nap & then usually take off for a ride in the stroller or wagon for a half hour or so.
When we get back, I typically shower quick while Harper plays in her playyard with some of her other favorite toys. Then we play some more, do bubbles outside, read, etc. until she takes her next nap around 2:30. I work again after that until she wakes up at 4:30. When she wakes up, we hang out in the playroom for another hour or so, I continue working while she runs in & out of her teepee five thousand times. I feed her dinner around 5:30 & while she is eating, I typically pick up & finish working.
Brandon comes home at six & takes Harper back upstairs to play. We do the bath/bedtime routine together & then does the bedtime bottle while I cook dinner. This way, we can eat right when she goes to bed & then we have plenty of time to hang out together by 8:00 pm. We usually both work for an hour or so on our laptops & then wind down watching whatever random season of shows that we are obsessed with at the moment (Dexter, Parenthood, Mad Men, etc.)
Then we are in bed by 10:30. I feel so old typing that, my brothers that are in college don’t even drunk-dial me anymore because I would miss their call anyway. #lame

For those of you who work from home with your babies & have emailed me, the best piece of advice that I can give you is to wake up early & to not feel guilty when your kiddo plays by themselves a bit. I used to sleep in until Harper woke up, but I would wake up STRESSED. It’s hard to get out of bed no matter what time it is, just know that you will feel so much better getting a head start. Also, your kiddos will let you know if they are bored or want your attention, so if they are happily entertained stacking blocks or chasing the cat pushing around a wagon, don’t feel guilty! Take advantage of it! 🙂 I will also say that while we really don’t watch much TV in our house, Harper is way more entertained by it when I do turn it on for her for a little while. A short 15-30 minute show or video is enough to hold her attention the entire time since the TV isn’t constantly on in the background.
Anyway, here we go.

6:00 am | It’s squat day. 140 squats to be exact. Eww.

7:00 am | Brewing it & drawing it.

8:00 am | I like making her food pretty & I pretend that she likes it too.

9:00 am | Playtime begins. Just got myself Harper a Magna Doodle. It’s never too early to learn to doodle, but for now, I draw on it & she sits on it. (Magna Doodle)

10:00 am | Books, blocks & Christmas socks. Then down for nap number one.

 11:00 am |  I am sipping coffee like it’s my job (it kind of is my job), listening to music & working. From the couch. PS. Notice that we are back to red & white striped straws since Memorial Day & 4th of July are the next holidays on the roster. (I’m dead serious, I actually go out of my way to think about things like that)
 12:00 pm | Peanut butter sandwiches & fruit for lunch.
1:00 pm | Tippy toes. Harper & I make forts, read books & play with Easter eggs. She periodically peeks up at my computer to make sure Noggin isn’t on.

2:00 pm | Izzy tries to prove that she can get on her tippy toes too? Harper chases her around for a while then goes down for nap number two.

3:00 pm | Back to work & debating on which color to paint my nails while I’m on my client calls. Spoiler alert: I went with the purple.

4:00 pm | Harp is awake & although it’s raining, we need some fresh air. Calls for a quick trip to Starbucks. (Glitter Sandals)

5:00 pm | Still raining so no afternoon walk. Instead, we put blocks in muffin tins & do other fun stuff. Stir craziness begins to set in. Time for dinner! (B. Toys Blocks)

6:00 pm | Hell yes, dad’s home! Harper is excited & so is my sanity.
7:00 pm | Bath water is running & maid rites are cooking. I kiss Harper five million times & laugh as I leave the room while Brandon fumbles through Fox in Sox (have you read that tongue-twister?!)

8:00 pm | Beer me. No picture necessary (camera battery is probably dead anyway).
Speaking of beer me, it’s Friday afternoon. Time to celebrate the weekend. 

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