Hello, April!

I love April. Mostly because it’s my birthday month. I know it won’t be long before I stop saying that but for now, I’ll embrace the big two seven.
I’ve been banned from celebrating April Fool’s Day ever since I pranked my husband in college when a friend & I called to tell him that I lost my fingers in a paper shredder. She was a really good actress screaming into the phone & he ended up going into a ditch on the interstate trying to whip a u-turn to come back. (We didn’t know he was driving at the time). Anyway, He’s still bitter (for good reason?) so I’m not even allowed to SAY April Fool’s in this house. Suckity suck suck.
I guess if any holiday is going to get swiped from my roster, that’s not a bad one to lose.
But April is ALSO the month that the weather actually starts getting warm enough to bust out our Spring wardrobe. I’ve been hoarding this dress for Harper & staring at it in her closet every. single. day. for the last few weeks, until finally it has been warm enough (and I cranked the heat inside) for her to wear it. I have such a crush on it AND the matching headband made by my girls at Jameson Monroe

And no, she wasn’t lying still posing like a beautiful baby model here. This is one of 20398502934 pictures I took while we were playing “she’s sleeeeeeping…” on the floor of her room.
I have been drooling over all of the new Spring Baby Gap gear, I mean, for the Love of God. Why doesn’t this stuff come in my size?! My motto with dressing Harper has always been, would I wear that? Hence her out of the ordinary style sometimes. (And if you’re wondering, hell yes I would wear my onesie on the outside instead of the inside. As we always say, some call it superhero style, we just call it style!) I would rock that white ruffle dress & metallic strap sandals like it was my job.
Get a load of this cuteness… it’s chambray, neutrals & sparkle all day long!

The perfect matching swag for mama? This adorable eyelet skirt (it’s a little on the short side but way cute on!) or these crazy cute, affordable glitter sandals
I am in total spring/summer shopping mode these days, thinking about our first trip to Florida in one month with Harper!! We are so excited to take her back to where we used to live, bring her to meet all of our friends & take her to the beach for the first time!
She’s already been practicing being awesome in the water.
I am finishing Part 2 of my Q&A series (there will probably even be a Part 3 since my email inbox is starting to resemble my closet…neither are pretty). But this time, I have a question for YOU! What do you like reading most on my blog? Photo overloads of my little piggy lady? Chalkboards, mama + mini or monthly must haves? Tell me what you want to see more (or less) of! Now that Harper is hardly a baby anymore & there are an endless amount of months before the next holiday (I can hear fireworks already)… I want to make sure to fill the pages of this blog with as much good stuff as possible! 🙂 
And speaking of good stuff, a new weekly feature will be starting next week to help me brush up on my photography skills (hint: lots more pics of Harper & peeks into our everyday life!) AND a super exciting giveaway is about to take place on my Instagram (@jlgarvin) in the next few days!
Happy April my friends!! 🙂

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