Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter, everyone! We are filled to the brim with sweets & happiness after yet another fun holiday weekend!

 Easter popcorn recipe found here.

 On Easter morning, we had a quiet breakfast at home we were so excited to show Harper that the Easter bunny came! She loved her Easter basket & goodies! It was so fun seeing her squeal & fake laugh with excitement over all the colorful goodies! Have I mentioned how much more fun Holidays are when you have a kid?! 🙂
I love this picture of her squatting down to pick things out of her basket. It was only a matter of time before basket fillings & ten thousand strands of Easter grass were strewn all over the house.
After Church (where Harper proceeded to yell “tickle tickle tickle!” at the end off the Lord’s prayer), we came home to find that our magic jellybeans turned into a garden of lollipops!
As you can tell, Harper was totally skeptical of the magic (she’s gonna need to get her shit in check before Christmas)… you gotta believe!
Unfortunately, it started downpouring on us just as we were about to pick up eggs. So, naturally, we put Harper down for a nap & got busy with our afternoon mimosas (aka. I drink them & Brandon eats the booze-soaked fruit out of the bottom, we are such a team) When the sun finally came out, we were able to go back outside for a bit so Harper could pick up the rest of her eggs. Mother nature raining on our parade couldn’t stop us from sneaking in a few pictures before heading to Easter dinner.

 Pleated Dress, Headband, Soprano Striped Dress (similar here)

And PS. If you have five million plastic Easter eggs rolling around the house after today, they make perfect bath toys! Most of the ones we have actually had holes in the top & bottom, so they even rain! (thanks to the genius Mr. Garvin for pointing that out & making Harper’s bathtime exponentially more fun this evening).
From our family to yours, Happy Easter!

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