Our Day in Pictures.

 Happy Saturday, lovelies! Thank you all so much for the incredible feedback on my exclusively pumping post. So much encouragement there for mamas in every situation, if you are currently struggling with your breastfeeding experience, I encourage you to read all of the comments & you will instantly be reminded of what a badass you are just for trying.

A lot of the feedback in the Q&A posts (here & here) was about our daily routine & what our  schedule looks like. I thought it would be fun to post once a week an hourly play-by-play of a typical weekday! I will incorporate meals, workouts & lots of other boring stuff 🙂

 6:00 am | This.


7:00 am | Iced coffee, email Pinterest & a blanket on the couch while the house is still quiet.
8:00 am | Breakfast with this pretty little lady. (Pajamas)

 9:00 am | Multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning. Working & watching the doodle bug run wild out of the corner of my eye.
10:00 am | Like a boss.

11:00 am | No nap ninja strikes again thanks to the mailman ringing the doorbell like a lunatic & then slamming a package into my front door.

 12:00 pm | Lunch (True Life: We are addicted to sourdough bread).

   1:00 pm | Home from a quick Publix run. (Sweaterdress, Leggings, Headband)

 2:00 pm | Story Time. Harper LOVES looking at the pictures in Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
3:00 pm | Going down for nap numero dos.

4:00 pm | Client calls, excel sheets & snacks.

5:00 pm | Fresh air & a little diva pucker. (Sweaterdress, Sunglasses, Wagon)
 6:00 pm | Wine & Noggin (they go hand in hand!)
7:00 pm | Bathtime. Brandon usually does her bath/bottle routine, while I cook dinner. On the menu: Potato Crusted Tilapia & Broccoli. I never knew fish could be this delicious.

By 8:00 pm we are spent! Working & having Harper home with me all day make things a little crazy. Although I feel so blessed to have her sweet little face to look at all day.
Life doesn’t get much better than that! 😉

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