The Sun Never Sets on a Badass.

Gorgeous weather & this gorgeous girl made for a pretty spectacular Saturday.

 Highlights of our weekend so far include french toast, being lazy in the hammock & a trip to the park, where Harper strolled around like a little rockstar in her oversized sunnies. She also learned the word WOW, which has never sounded cuter to me in my whole entire life. Sometimes it starts with a B when she says it… bwwwwwaaaow.

Today also kicks off my birthday week! Whoop! As if I’m already not trying to cram too much fun into every other day of the week, I’m really going to be pushing the limits for the last few days of being 26. I’m talking birthday-cake-flavored-everything, festive cocktails on the fly & probably staying up past our bedtime. Let the games begin.
Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

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