Mama + Mini Blueberry Style

Happy second day of summer! It’s obviously been summer in my mind for months already, all part of living where it gets too hot too fast. I get way ahead of myself with seasons too, August 1 marks the first day of Fall in my mind (August, Autumn, same thing), so summertime is really running out on my watch!
One of my favorite summer color combos right now is navy & lilac, how can you resist all of this cuteness?! You all know I love mixing & matching my swimsuit pieces as well, so these are the perfect colors for it! Especially since there is a mini style to match! 🙂

Harper seems to love these colors as well. So much that she now smashes blueberries on her high chair tray whenever she eats them & rubs them all over her face like war paint.
And I’m weirdly okay with it.

If you’re happy & you know it, clap your hands!
Have a great weekend, friends! 🙂

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