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Oh, ya know, just another booze post on the baby blog. We’re no stranger to that around here, so for anyone who has asked about the yummy Sangria we had last night, this one’s for you!
Remember how I suck at recipes?
I use a bottle of red wine (preferably Pinot Noir, otherwise Merlot), 1/2 Cup (ish) of Triple Sec, one squeezed lime, one peach, one apple, one pear & one orange. I chop all the fruit first, then add the booze & then add the ice, it helps keep the fruit at the bottom to soak up all the good stuff. 
You can also find my half-assed recipe for white wine sangria here.
Just make sure you eat the fruit at the end, it’s the best part!

 Brandon took the day off work yesterday after being gone on business trip, so we had some much needed family time & decided to pretend it was Friday by grilling out with some music & cocktails outside.
You know how people always say you feel more energized after working out, yet it just doesn’t seem possible? Doing this sort of thing in the middle of the week has the same effect. It’s a lot of work, sounds much easier to make an easy dinner & relax on the couch, but it actually gives us hope that weeknights don’t have to always be boring! 🙂

Of course, pretending like it’s Friday still doesn’t make the weekend come any sooner.
Damn damn double damn. (name that movie!)
Happy Hump Day!

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