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I realized that one of my favorite things about all of the blogs I read is that I always find so many goodies, whether it be recipes, places to shop, new products or a good laugh! So today, I just have to share a few things with you.
First of all, am I the only person who has never heard of The Elf on the Shelf? Where have I been my whole life? I am not a resident expert, but I think the concept is simple (and GENIUS), you read this book to your kids about the Elf who watches over them to report back to Santa each night on their behavior.. enticing them to be good 🙂 You get a little Elf doll (obviously to put on your shelf..) & each morning when he returns from the North Pole, he is in a different place in the house doing silly things. The kids have to go find him each morning! There are tons of fun ideas out there, like filling your kids stockings, placing the Elf on your countertop making snow angels in flour or staging him to be having hot cocoa with barbie.. HILARIOUS!!
Also, I am making all of my own artwork for the little G’s nursery & I needed a filler for one of my 5×7 frames to match one of the quotes I framed. I threw together this fun little dots design. I thought I would share the high resolution JPG file in case anyone wanted something similar to use in your baby girl’s room. Fun & modern… clearly very simple! 🙂 Feel free to save it & print as you wish.
I know it’s not much, BUT could be just what somebody out there is looking for! I love polka dots SO much… wanted to polka dot the walls but thought that might be going a little overboard. 
I know there are a lot of readers who are also expecting & after reading many of your blogs, I see that we have something in common… we all crave sweets! I recently discovered RED VELVET CAKE Yoplait yogurt. Anyone else ever had this? Yogurt is supposed to be very good for you while pregnant, especially for the calcium. I normally can’t find many flavors that don’t give me the super-sticky-sour-yogurt-mouth. But this one is a real winner… I eat it in place of ice cream when I’m craving it. And it’s red… and now it’s the holidays… how FESTIVE!? 
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Also for the other expectant mama’s… I got a copy of “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy” the other day & it is officially one of my new favorite pregnancy books. It’s not the most informative book but I was laughing out loud like a fool. So if you’re still looking for a great, light-hearted book to read while breaking in the new nursrey glider… better scoop this one up!
Last but not least, I came across a blog the other day with such an amazing birth story that I just had to share! I laughed…then I cried. So good. Literally makes my heart skip a beat out of excitement for my little one’s arrival. Read here & enjoy 🙂

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