Ready for some Monday randomness?! Good. Full dose, coming right up! I had to share with you a few things on my Love List right now, hope you will LOVE them just as much! 🙂
1. Mimosa Popsicles. Oh yes, just as tasty as they sound! I made them this weekend & they were such a tasty treat for Saturday & Sunday morning with breakfast! I bought this ice pop maker, used high pulp orange juice, champagne & a few cut up strawberries. Yes, yes, double yes.
2. I think I died & went to Heaven when I stumbled across these knit pants for kids this morning. I bought them in every single color & am positive that Harper will LIVE in them this entire Fall & Winter. Drooling!
3. All of the amazing things in this pear print are on sale & I love it ALL. Appropriate to buy stuff in every size to hoard for another baby someday?! I think so. Kelly green is my favorite color right now.
 4. Essie Smokin’ Hot nail polish. Many of you have asked what is the color on my nails recently, it’s this beauty! It’s from last Fall so it can sometimes be hard to find, but I have stocked up on a few extra bottles just in case I ever run out. This is my go to color from July 5th through Thanksgiving. Of course I have dates, right? #weird

5. Harper doing the robot.

 Marled Terry Pants | Headband

Kidding, she was being a little shit & sticking her foot in the Ivy after I told her no while we were outside watering plants. But it’s funnier to pretend that she was doing the robot. Cut a rug, babe! 😉

6. This glitter cat ear headband, which Harper & I might both be wearing for most of October. Has anyone else been thinking about Halloween costumes already?! You know I have!!! 😉

7. Online shopping now officially exists at H&M. Shopping in the store requires a level of patience that I am really just not capable of, so this makes me extra happy.

8. The Syrup Shop. You’ve probably already seen this all over my Instagram (@jlgarvin) but honestly, I just can’t get enough. I have had a crazy obsession with Burlington, Vermont for years, all stemming originally from my love for Hocus Pocus, then Salem, MA & then all the other beautiful Fall places on the East Coast. ANYWAY. I found their syrup on Pinterest, went to their site & could not stop myself from loading up my cart with all of their amazing gear! Then it turns out, that their shop owners are quite possibly the sweetest people on earth, which makes me love them even more!


Random conversation with my husband the other day about shirts, where he totally calls me out for wearing my Syrup & Happy Camper shirts for entirely too many days in a row.

 Hope your week is off to a great start!

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