Hurricane Harper & the Terrible Twos

Today was one of those days.
We don’t normally have a lot of rough & tough days, nor do I really post about them. I focus more on the good & the happy. But I feel like I owe it to you mamas out there to make sure I share some of the rough days too.
And holy shit, today was one where I really felt like throwing in the towel.

We kicked off the morning with Harper hulking her diaper in half. Oh yes, you read that right. She took her own pants off in her crib, like a ninja & then proceeded to rip her diaper into shreds. Covering herself, her crib & the floor with urine soaked diaper beads. Son of a mess.
After a morning bath, breakfast & reading, she rolled into tantrum number one because I had to take her crayons away from her to change her diaper. She threw them everywhere & screamed her head off well into lunch time.
Lunch consisted of her frisbee-ing her plate across the kitchen, slamming her sippy cup on to the floor & spitting her mouth full of water all over herself. She refused to eat, which left her too hungry to nap. Things only went downhill from there, testing my patience with just about everything in the house that she knows she’s not supposed to do & tantrum number two.

This is her pretending to be asleep on the floor after I asked her to pick up her crayons for the 800th time.

I called Brandon at work & tried to bribe him with beer & lemon bars to come home early. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.
I’m not sure if this is the early onset of the terrible twos or what, but we have yet to experience a day this bad. I have to keep reminding myself not to get frustrated with her (or the whisk that fell on the ground that I abruptly yelled “good, stay there!” at). The way that we discipline her & how we react to her tantrums are going to forever shape her behavior. Sure hope we are doing it right. I really wish I could just hug & kiss the ornery right out of her.
In the mean time, our overtired babe is finally asleep, the ringing in my ears from her shrieking is finally going away & we are counting on tomorrow being a better day.
And for the record, the whisk is still on the floor. Guess I am teaching it a lesson.

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