Halloween Excitement!

I know there is still quite a bit of time before Halloween, but that isn’t stopping us from hunting down the cutest, most festive outfits for the upcoming season. I have always loved graphic pieces, especially for the holidays, especially when mixed with stripes & polka dots!
I’ve rounded up our current favorites & can’t wait to dress Harper in most of this, paired with lots of festive headbands! Too bad she won’t keep a hat on to save her life.

Harper also wore her first pair of Halloween jams already, which she is obsessed with because I told her there are kitties on them. She points to them & says “MEOW!” I am pretty sure these also glow in the dark, guess I’ve become that mom.
Not to mention, Hocus Pocus has been on ABC Family at least a dozen times already this month. Are you all as excited for Halloween as I am?!
Also, if you haven’t already checked out all of the new Halloween prints in my Etsy shop, remember that you can use coupon code HOCUSPOCUS for 25% off for the rest of this month!
Happy Hump Day!

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