We went on our very first pumpkin farm adventure of the season over the weekend when I saw that one of my favorite places just got their pumpkin selection in stock. I desperately needed some for our front porch, so we made our way over there shortly after rolling out of bed & stuffing our faces with  breakfast. This places grows giant pumpkins, half of them weighed more than Harper! You get to take your own pumpkin wheel barrow & fill it full of goodies, while sipping coffee (or beer!). 
Can we just live there?
Harper found herself a little seat on the spider leg pumpkin stands & was pretty proud of her pretty little self. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the word pumpkin, she either refers to them as balloons ‘loon’ or ‘up-kee’ which I think is a mish-mash of the word pumpkin & cookie. Either way, it is cute as can be. I am obsessed with her baby gibberish.
Don’t be jealous of my killer outfit. 😉 I never claimed to be a style blogger!
Here are the pumpkins that we came home with. White pumpkins with long stems are my favorite! And yes, those green/blue pumpkins (I think they may actually be gourds) are real!

Oh, and on our way out, we got a pretty little glimpse of the soon-to-be Christmas Tree Farm that we will be back to visit in just a few short months. 
It’s not going in our yard Rus, it’s going in our living room.
 Speaking of Christmas, I am so excited to see that West Elm has brought back the white felt garland that I love oh-so-much from last year!! Run, it was sold out before Christmas day. You can find it in their Holiday collection here & probably find a use for it in every room of your house! 🙂
Merry Happy Wednesday!!!

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