Our Weekend in Pictures

Happy First Weekend of Fall!! We have been waiting for this day all year long, the day that not only kicks off my favorite season, but all the amazing holiday goodness that is to come! The weather was amazing & we finally found some tiny pumpkins to put ALL over the house. I love putting them everywhere. 
Easter egg hunt style.
Like, have our house mistaken for a pumpkin patch style.
Poor Harpie babe woke up with a low fever, teething with her two year molars. The cure for almost everything is pancakes, so we whipped some up while we waited for Brandon to get home from a work trip. I know you probably think I am bat shit crazy for letting my kid stir pancake batter with a whisk on the floor, but she was careful as can be to not let a single drop out of the bowl. She is the sweetest little chef! 🙂
We kicked off our Soup Sunday Fall Tradition with loaded baked potato soup (recipe here). So so so good. This is one of my favorites since it is so hearty, cheesy AND has bacon. You really can’t go wrong with a soup recipe that requires you to cook your veggies in bacon grease. Amen!
We also had just enough time on Sunday before the Bears game to sneak away to the pumpkin farm to get our hands on these gems! GEMS! I am loving these greenish/blue pumpkins, they were perfect for the non-traditional Fall flavored porch I was going for (still trying to make those wreaths work). I added a chalkboard painted pumpkin that I made a few years ago & drew a simple G monogram. Clearly still working on getting a bigger rug.

Joke’s on me though, you can’t even see the pumpkins from the road since our front yard is such a steep hill. Guess I will need to just add more, more, more!!!!
 Happy Fall to you all! 🙂

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