Halloween Fun & Party Planning

Happy Halloween Week!! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on Harper’s flamingo costume! It really was super easy to add a little flair to a simple store bought costume, definitely the route I will go from now on.
If baby number two is a girl (that is not a hint, we really don’t know the sex yet), I’ve officially decided that we would have to go as the Sanderson sisters & Billy Butcherson next year. Right?! 🙂
Last week we had a little Halloween themed breakfast, complete with one of our favorites, Biscuits & “Grave-y.” No mimosas this year, just a little pineapple orange juice instead, one of my new favorite drinks! I love doing at least one festive breakfast for each holiday, if nothing else, there’s always fun shaped pancakes

And then there was pumpkin painting. I know, you’re probably wondering “what on earth is she thinking letting a toddler paint a pumpkin in her kitchen?!” Well. It was like 30 degrees outside (which meant it was really like 31 degrees inside since our heat was still broken). And I already told her we were painting pumpkins, so I was determined to make it happen. I had my sweet friend Annie & her adorable daughters over, and with some snacks & coffee, we declared it a pumpkin painting party. I bought Crayola Washable Kids Paint, which actually turned out to be washable, threw a few pieces of cardboard on the floor from the garage & the kiddos went to town.
We thought it was so funny that all three girls started with the stems!

Trick or Treat Tee | Wire Basket | Spider Cupcake Holders from C&B last year

Harper actually did a good job getting her paintbrush in the paints & onto the pumpkin but overall was a hot mess. And she seriously had a BLAST. It was all fun & games until she painted the bottom of her foot, dropped her paintbrush & took off running.

Boo Dress | Headband

Thursday night we will take Harper trick-or-treating & have our Halloween party! Kids will be directed up the driveway & along the haunted path through the forest to get to our back patio where we will have our candy buffet set up. I’m going to use all of the glass canisters from around the house to fill with different types of candy, plus add a little popcorn & some cupcakes to the mix.
  I have been stockpiling party supplies (paper goods ordered here) for weeks & was so excited to start putting things together! I have been obsessed with these sparkling clementine drinks lately & thought they would be a perfect non-alcoholic drink for the party. Of course, there will also be plenty of booze (and BOOs!) & a spooky party playlist for some background music! 🙂

Hope you all are having a fun & festive Halloween week!

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