We had a busy weekend preparing for all of the Thanksgiving festivities this week, lots of cleaning & running errands, which has left me totally exhausted. After finally putting Harper to bed, taking a bath in attempt to get rid of my two day headache & finally laying down on the couch tonight to relax, the baby started kicking. It puts an instant smile on my face. I sometimes wonder how often she is moving & I maybe don’t even notice because I am always on the move or busy doing a million other things.
It has me feeling so thankful. So thankful for my family, our health & this tiny little babe that we can’t wait to meet. Things are crazy, life is busy but these are the days of our lives.
We had our family pictures done recently for Christmas cards & I am so in love with the way they turned out. I feel like they capture Harper’s personality so much & even though my belly isn’t very big yet, it makes me so happy to know that these pictures are of our family of four. 
The biggest thank you in the world to our amazing photographer, Ashley Scobey. I can’t wait to fill our photo wall with all of these new pictures!
Flying Harper might be one of my favorite pictures in the entire world!

All photos by the talented Scobey Photography in Atlanta.
I wish you all the happiest, most fun holiday week!!! I am so very thankful for all of you, for reading our blog & for all of your sweet comments. Let the Thanksgiving festivities begin!! 🙂

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