Our Week + Friday Favorites

Happy three day weekend! Our pool opens tomorrow so we are looking forward to taking the girls for the first time. Of course Ellie will probably just nap in the shade (and I might as well) but I’m excited to see Harper’s reaction to the water since she was so young last year. I hope she loves it! It’s no lie that I’m ready for a poolside cocktail more than ever! These two have given me a run for my money this week. Thankfully I feel like I have finally recovered from my c-section, which is a huge relief. I am still running on very little sleep, Harper seems to have more energy than ever & turns out, Eloise is one of those “hold me or I’ll scream my head off” babies. So, it’s been a wild ride but we are getting used to it! 😉 As they say, the days are long but the years fly by.

Eloise is officially one month old today!! Sweet baby girl, I love her so! I told Harper we would celebrate Ellie’s one month birthday with some ice cream outside before her nap. Of course this was the messiest thing ever & while she went to look down at all of it dripping down her shirt & legs, she dipped her top knot right into her cone. I effing love toddlers.

Headband \ Heart Pants

Another highlight from our week? Harper learned her full name. So cute, right? Until she decided that must mean that my name is Mama Eve Garvin, which is what she calls me now when she really wants my attention.

Some of my favorite finds this week include this pom blanket tutorial (which is exactly what I had in mind for making curtains for Ellie’s room, excited to see I wasn’t the only one who thought using a hot glue gun was a good idea) & this (more pom trim!) swim coverup.
Target has the cutest new maxi dresses, you have probably already seen them in stores, they fit so cute & come in a few different colors. I love the grey & green! And this palm leaf canvas tote would make the perfect beach bag, especially since it’s on sale this weekend! I am also loving this recipe for Citrus Champagne Sangria, sounds like an acceptable Memorial Day weekend cocktail. Or even an acceptable breakfast, right? 🙂

Cheers to the weekend, friends! XO


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