Black Bears & Heart Shaped Things

Our weekend consisted mainly of trying to pretend that sixty and a half degrees was warm enough to feel like Spring (yes, I totally must have southern blood because I was still freezing) & checking a few things off of our lengthy to do list of stuff to do before we can paint the nursery.  I also accidentally drew a kitty for Harper at her play table, which has resulted in her asking me to draw approximately five thousand more since Saturday morning. Hand cramps from holding teeny tiny colored pencils are no joke, which is all the more reason why we need warm weather to get here so we can spend more time outside. Except I had a terrifying dream recently (blame it on the pregnancy) that we got attacked by black bears while we were on a walk in our neighborhood. So. Maybe we will stay inside until I forget about that one.
Moving on.
Valentine’s Day is only a month away, which means it’s time for the mini style roundup of all things red, glittery & heart shaped! Seriously, that Cupid sweatshirt?! Boy mamas, you totally win the outfit roundup with that gem!!

Sequin Heart \ Red Heart Skinnies \ Striped Heart Pants

I am loving all of the black & white for Valentine’s Day style this year, including this heart print maternity dress for my fellow pregnant mamas. And you know I would totally wear those striped leggings if they came in my size! 😉

Harper has been rocking her heart sunnies from last year, I pulled them out right after Christmas & she wears them every day, although usually upside down.
The sun never sets on a badass.

Glitter Heart Hair Clip \ Dress & Leggings from Gap last season

Happy Monday to you all! XO


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