Harper 22 Months

It’s been a while since I’ve done a monthly update on Harper & she has changed so much over the last few weeks! Her vibrant & silly personality always puts a smile on my face. She is curious, independent & way smarter than we give her credit for. If she sees or hears something once, she remembers it forever, which can be good & bad! 😉

Leggings \ Sweatshirt \ Skirt from Gap Outlet

Age: 22 Months (almost time to quit counting in months)
Clothes: Wearing mostly 18-24 & 2T. Loving taking some of her old dresses & putting them on her as tunics with cute leggings. She is wearing a size 4 or 5 shoe, depending on the fit. She is obsessed with wearing sweatshirts “fet-shirts” & socks, and surprise, she already loves picking out her own clothes to wear.  She pulls random things out of her drawer & says “pretty!!!!”

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, I went in to wake her up from a nap one afternoon & remembered that she had put a pair of my socks over her pants & insisted in sleeping in them. These were the socks that I bought for my hospital bag & wore when she was born. I could not help but laugh & even tear up a bit when I saw her sleeping in them, with the heels halfway up her little legs. Not to mention the total cuteness of her holding her baby doll’s hand.

Favorite Foods: Pasta, Apples, Cheese, Blueberries, Raspberries, Avocado, Goldfish & Toast.
In order to get her to eat more fruits & veggies, we have been making smoothies lately because she never turns down something she can drink from a straw. So far, she loves everything. She thinks it’s all ice cream, which she calls “keem!” The cutest.

Favorite Words: Animals & animal sounds, love you, miss you, uh-oh, hi & hello, outside, upstairs & downstairs, and our favorite “mama’s mess!” or “dada’s mess!” any time she sees my clothes on the closet floor or Brandon’s things all over the garage. We both crack up at it. She calls kisses “missys” & always says “awwww!” after she gives them.
Also, out of no where the other day, she pointed at something & said “Whoa! Look at that!” We had no idea she could put together a full sentence so we were both totally shocked.
Favorite Activities: Oh, where to begin! This little girl is enthusiastic about everything!! She loves to color “cuddy”, play with headbands, chasing the cat, play in her teepee, read books, do puzzles, go for walks, swing, dance & finally, snuggle!! We rarely turn the TV on but it is fun to put on a movie every now & then or turn on an episode of Mickey, she is obsessed! She loves to do anything in the kitchen that is “helping”, so playing in the tupperware or pots & pans, unloading the dishwasher (Brandon almost fired me as a mom when he realized that Harper puts away half the dishes on her own) & sitting on the counter to help cook.
Favorite Things: Right now she is still smitten with all of her Christmas presents (you can see them in this post), mostly loving her stackable crayons, stickers & pushing her toys around in her wagon (which has been one of her favorite toys for over a year now). She is so in love with her little baby doll & carries it everywhere, she dances with her & sleeps with her. One of many reasons why I know she is going to be such a good big sister.
Signature Moves: Dancing, singing & sending herself to time-out when she stands on the kitchen chairs. Giving hugs & kisses to everyone in the room, including her baby dolls & the cat (we are trying to teach her no kissing the cat, but she insists). Sneaking up behind us to tap us on the leg & say “run run run!” when she wants to get chased.

Mom’s Proudest Moment: The time I took baby doll’s clothes off her to wash them & it was TRAGIC. Harper’s world came crashing down for a solid forty six minutes while they were in the dryer.
Also, I got in the bad habit of opening things in the grocery store for her, like a little box of goldfish or pretzels. Which she then not only spills or shotputs across the store if we go by cookies or balloons (because she would rather have that), but she also throws a fit when I take them away once we get in the car. A six minute drive home from the store is really the equivalent of an eternity when your child is screaming & crying. I got myself into this mess & it has spiraled out of control, so we are working our way through “operation snackless & tantrumless grocery shopping” these days.

Dad’s Proudest Moment: Bouncing Harper into a complete backflip on the indoor (kid-safe) trampoline. She laughed her ass off, but mom didn’t think it was so funny.
Other Milestones: She rarely sits in her high chair anymore, she likes to sit like a big kid at the table with us instead, I am trying to decide on a booster seat for her & have been looking at either the Bumbo seat that has straps or something to just give her a little more height like the Oxo. It will be so weird to not have a high chair at the table for a few short months! 😉
She counts to five and says please & thank you (and bless you after anyone sneezes).
Most importantly, she seems ready to start potty training! She asks to sit on the potty & always tells me when she has a dirty diaper (and wants it changed right away). I was going to wait until her birthday to start but we have decided to try it sooner, like within the next two weeks! Just waiting to pick out a potty for her & some big kid undies. I will do a separate post on that though when we are ready to get started! 🙂

I love this age so incredibly much. I never want to forget all of the cute things she says & does, she amazes me on a daily basis at what she is learning & always has me in tears laughing.  I really can’t put into words how much I love her, but I think that is all part of being a mama. 
Love beyond measure.


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