Snowday S’mores & Sledding

There’s really not much to say here other than snowdays rock! 😉 We certainly aren’t used to getting a few days off work in the middle of the week, not to mention such a good excuse to play outside! We dug up Harper’s Carhartt overalls from last Christmas (which somehow still fit her) so we could stay outside longer than one wet pair of pants would have lasted & took full advantage of our two-day-Iowa-winter.
I think she will be pretty bummed when all the snow is gone!
Fleece Jacket \ Carhartt Overalls \ Hat & Mittens from Gap last year

We may not have been prepared for this winter weather, but our neighbors were most definitely not prepared to see us taking full advantage of it by putting socks on Harper’s hands & taking her sledding down the front yard (and halfway down the street) in a laundry basket.

 And then we made s’mores because I desperately needed an outdoor activity that didn’t involve lugging my pregnant self up a hill. Harper carefully lit each marshmallow on fire & then immediately pulled it out and proudly said “heee-yee-go!” It was pretty much the best day ever, but we were back to our regularly scheduled programming bright & early this morning.
Which was almost okay because we were out of coffee. 😉

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