How far along: 30 Weeks, counting down weeks in the single digits now, holla!
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 20 lbs. at my last appointment (a doctors visit bright & early tomorrow morning will promptly confirm that it is much more than that)
Maternity clothes: Trading in my maternity leggings for maxi dresses until the baby comes. While I do love them dearly, it has been a long winter & I think we need some time apart 😉
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: Out (and weird)
Sleep: Aside from Harper waking me up in the middle of the night because I hear her on the monitor playing “peek-e-goo” with one of many stuffed animals in her bed, sleep is good.
Best moment this week: Celebrating Harper’s birthday with all of our friends & family, which was such a blessing, but also we are living it up in some beautiful Spring weather, which is just what the doctor ordered!
Miss anything: Getting comfortable & being able to breathe. 
Movement: Starting to be able to distinguish movement from fingers & toes, always such a funny feeling!
Cravings: Fruit (so happy strawberries are starting to look normal again!) & cheeseburgers.
Queasy or sick: Heartburn has been relentless but otherwise feeling good.

Looking forward to: My parents are visiting this week & we can’t wait to see them!! It will be quite the circus having them & all four of my brothers here all at once, but we love it so much & are so excited for all the fun! Plus there’s a good chance I will be able to sneak out for a pedicure & nobody will even notice.

Also, can I just throw this in here because it’s too funny not to share?! Harper loves to drink out of our waters (mostly my tumblers with straws) rather than her own sippy cup. She waits until one of ours is within reach, grabs it & says “I take your water!” then starts laughing & drinks out of it. We have been laughing about this for the past week or two, thinking it is just the funniest thing. So, the other morning we were driving through our neighborhood & saw a woman walking her dog. Harper started saying “arf arf!” & waving, telling me to look at the puppy, so excited because she loves dogs so much.
As we drove away, I heard her mumble in the backseat, “I take your puppy.”
Seriously, love her so much.

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