Handwashing & Happy Hour

Since Harper loves helping out in the kitchen & has been on a handwashing spree as we try to fight colds (and prepare her for potty training), we wanted to get her a step stool. I found one a few weeks ago from Ikea that came as unfinished wood & thought we could give it a little facelift. I love how it turned out!


Brandon put the stool together first (which is always half the battle since it comes in eight thousand pieces in a box that could fit in your pocket, gotta love Ikea), then we painted the entire thing with two coats of Behr Pink Hydrangea (a small sample size jar was plenty). I used leftover gold glaze from her playtable makeover to paint half of the stool, which we sectioned off using green frog tape. I’ve mentioned before that this glaze is a little annoying to work with, it really takes about 48 hours between coats, but the finish is so pretty! Brandon added a few coats of polyurethane & added non slip grips to the legs.

As if we aren’t already flying through bottles of soap like it’s our job, Harper can now reach the sink to wash her own hands! 😉 The bottom step is the perfect height for her to not be able to turn the water on by herself quite yet, but considering she grows what seems like an inch a day, it is only a matter of time before things get cray (or she wet-bandits us & floods the entire first floor).
Look at those tip toes!

And now it’s Friday. So I’ll leave you to dreams of happy hour & sleeping in this weekend. 
Emphasis on dreams.

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