Warm weather really does wonders for the (pregnant) soul. I have felt a bit like a cavewoman over the last few months, buried in layers of clothes & going a bit stir crazy inside with the toddler tornado. But this weekend, the sun was shining & it was a mad dash to get out the door as soon as possible first thing Saturday morning.
We were so excited to visit abby & co. at Atlantic Station for their grand opening! You’ve probably already seen this if you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) but I am so honored to have chalkboard canvases & prints for sale in this adorable new mom & baby boutique!! The husband & wife team that owns the store are the sweetest people ever & have really outdone themselves with not only a beautiful space, but with amazing selection of vendors that they have made available all in one place! Hopefully there will be an online store very soon!! 😉
Harper was a standard kid in a toy store, she wanted to play with everything, take it all home with her & made sure to knock over a rack of enamelware coffee mugs from West Elm to let us know when she was “O” for over it. So we hit up a local diner & called it a day.
Floral Baseball Tee (sold out from J.Crew Kids) \ Maternity Maxi Dress \ Heart Infinity Scarf
Right Left Leggings \ Moccasins (c/o Freshly Picked)
Three of my four brothers now live in Atlanta, which we couldn’t be happier about because not only have we lived for years without any family within a 500 mile radius, but Harper now gets to grow up with the most fun (and rowdy) group of uncles in the world! We started a new Sunday Funday Family Dinner tradition so we could have a good excuse to get everyone together for good food & lots of shenanigans. We just need to work on a collective language cleanup amongst the entire group before Harper learns a few new words to take with her to preschool.
And since no post is complete these days without mention of food, I made jello cake this weekend & forgot how insanely amazing it is. Recipe can be found here. It is irresistible, don’t be mad at me if you happen to eat the entire thing straight out of the pan with a fork. We’ve all done it.

PS. Thank you all for such sweet comments on my last belly pics!! For everyone who asked about the pink shirt I am wearing in my most recent chalkboard pic, I bought it during my first visit to abby & co.! Unfortunately it isn’t available online anywhere, but hopefully it will be on their site when they launch!! I found this shirt that is very similar in style, baggy & flowy but still fitted in the sleeves. And the heart pin in my hair (also from abby & co.) is by Shop Bando, I bought it for baby girl’s nursery but couldn’t resist wearing it in  my hair for Valentine’s week! 

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