Valentine’s Day Love

It’s February, more cold weather but lots of LOVE!
We are gearing up for a busy two weeks, putting together plans for Harper’s birthday party & our Valentine’s Day festivities. Always so much fun! I put together a little Valentine’s Day gift for Harper, including a nightlight for her new big girl room, some fun heart straws from the Target dollar spot, this cute glittery kids wristlet (which hasn’t arrived yet, but was too cute to pass up on clearance!) & of course, stickers!
Pink Necklace from J.Crew Kids Outlet
Stickers & balloons are really her favorite, yet sometimes most hated two things in the entire world. She wants more and more and MOAR of them, but then there is the slight chance that the stickers will not un-stick to something or the balloons will float away (or God forbid they will pop), in which, her world will fall apart.
In other random news…
I had my glucose test this morning so fingers crossed that I pass since I live on sweets these days. The orange drink itself never really bothered me, it’s the four hours of fasting before the appointment & since mine was early while Harper was in school, that meant no breakfast. I hustled to Starbucks right after & grabbed coffee and the most delicious chocolate croissant of my life. I literally didn’t even look at it, just started wolfing it down, totally expecting it to be an actual chocolate pastry but instead it was a regular warm croissant filled with melty chocolate. A pregnant girl’s dream come true, really. 
Harper has been putting together lots of words & forming some sentences these days, which is nothing short of amazing. Some of my favorites are “whoa! look at dat!” or “here kitty kitty!” We also taught her to say “ice ice baby” & “like a boss” for no real reason, but it sounds seriously cute coming out of her mouth. 
And, chalkboard prints in my shop are still 25% off with coupon code BEMINE25 good though Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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