On the rare occasion that the girls aren’t wearing pajamas or just diapers, I love to match their outfits together & snap a few pictures before they become total hot messes for the day. This takes just a few minutes, rapid firing shots on my iPhone or camera & ending up with one good pic out of about twenty. I am saving all of my favorites, outtakes & all, and plan to put together a book to give to the girls someday. Today, we went to surprise dad at work & to meet friends for lunch, but first, a quick picture & the funniest outtakes! 🙂
Me: Harper, can you lay by sissy to take a picture?
Harper (always in shock when Eloise touches her): She touched my hair! Mama, she touched my ear!
Me: I know. She loves you! Hold her hand, then she wont touch your hair or your ear.

Me: Harper, be careful, don’t kick your legs by sissy.
Kicks Ellie’s headband off her head.
Harper: Sorry sissy. Mama, he’s mad.
Me: I know. It’s ok. We’re all done! Time to go eat guacamole.
Eloise: ALL I DO IS WIN.


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