Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! A short & sweet post today sharing some of our favorite photos & finds from the week. Our week has been full of ups & downs, Eloise alternating between 8 hours of sleep a night & back to waking every 30 minutes the next night. I definitely kicked myself in the ass for staying up late the night after she slept so well watching OITNB. Lesson learned, one step forward, two steps back.

Harper tumbled down the entire flight of stairs the other night when she was off to find her witches broom. Luckily I didn’t actually see it happen, only heard it from the bedroom, I don’t know if I would ever have gotten the image out of my head. She wasn’t hurt, thank God, but now I am terrified of her being on the stairs alone (and all of the other things she does so independently these days). 

While rearranging some things in Eloise’s closet, we came across her bumbo seat which Harper claimed for herself. It’s now her tummy time entertainment & makeup chair. Eloise sure loves watching her big sister & Harper gets so excited every time she gets a smile out of her. Whenever Eloise gets upset, Harper comes running to her rescue, she tells her “I got you Ellie Bellie!” I’m terrified one of these times she is going to actually try picking her up, which is why I really need to invest in another set of eyes. So far she has tried giving Eloise a pony tail, a cup of “tea” & put her baby doll on top of her while she was rocking to sleep in the kitchen in her bouncer.

They keep me busy but I love them so!

 Some of my favorite finds this week include Donut Pool Float (spotted everywhere!), these denim shorts that fit so cute (and look good dressed up or down!) & this super fun There’s No Place Like Home print that I think I need to find a spot for in our house.
We got the books Stuck & The Day the Crayons Quit & Harper is obsessed with them. They are both such cute books with fun illustrations! We go to the library or bookstore usually once a week, I love reading new books to her & seeing which ones really get her attention. She also picked out a ten pound coffee table book about treehouses that I almost bought as well. 😉

And just for fun, I came across this picture of Harper this morning & can’t believe how much it looks like Eloise! She is two months in this picture so just about the same age as Eloise is now. Crazy, huh?! I wonder if her hair will fall out like Harper’s & grow back light!

 Happy happy weekend to you all!


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