Sweet Things

It was kind of a rare moment this morning, Harper wanted to hold Eloise in her bed. Honestly, Harper is the best big sister, she is sweet as can be (aside from the time she bit Eloise on the toe) & loves her so very much. But, she never wants to hold her. She always wants to lay by her, always wants to talk to her & play with her, but anytime I ask her if she wants to hold her, she yells “nooo way!” But this morning, as soon as we got ready for the day, she asked over & over if she could hold her. I got Eloise all tucked in on her lap & then Harper told her “oh gosh, you look beautiful sissy.” 
I seriously could have died. 
Harper officially picks up every. single. thing. that we say & I can’t complain about that one! She tells Brandon & I both that we look beautiful every time we get dressed for the day. That also means she sometimes calls Brandon by his first name.

As if things couldn’t get any sweeter, I came across the most delicious recipe (found here) the other day & could not even wait to try it. I am a Cool Whip & Nutella addict, so when I saw these mini Nutella cakes, I was all over it. Nursing has put my appetite in overdrive, especially when it comes to sweets, so these totally hit the spot. As soon as Eloise went down for her morning nap, Harper & I got to work.
I had some angel food cake on hand from the weekend, so all I did was put it in the fridge to harden it a bit & then start cutting it into small, flat squares.
I stacked four layers of angel food cake with Nutella in the middle, then stuck them back in the fridge for a bit to let the Nutella sit. Then, just pull them out, frost (generously) with Cool Whip & top with sprinkles if you please! 🙂 This is a super easy Summery dessert & tastes so good fresh from the freezer.

One of my fondest memories as a kid was sitting on my grandma’s counter top while she baked, eating cool whip out of the container. So there was no stopping this.


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