4th of July Week

First things first, thank you all so much for your kind & encouraging comments on my last post about our week! It certainly was crazy & we are so happy to have Brandon back home. It sounds like so many of you have been there before, true super moms in my book! And to those of you who mentioned that your spouses are deployed, my heart goes out to you & I am always praying for those who serve & for their families.
It’s Fourth of July week, which means lots of red, white & blue! Outfits, food & all sorts of fun! We have some friends & family coming into town, I am so looking forward to entertaining & taking the girls out to some fun events in the area. It’s going to go one way or another with Harper & fireworks, either they will blow her mind & she will never want to leave, or. Well, you know the or. Eloise on the other hand, as long as she isn’t in her crib, she will probably sleep right through them. I have it built up in my mind to be a ton of fun (and involve lots of food truck corn dogs) but I guess only time will tell.

 With Harper hardly sitting in her high chair anymore, it’s a miracle to get her to focus on eating & not trying to get down to go play. Fun foods tend to always do the trick, so with a holiday week in the rotation, she should be a pretty happy camper. I found a few silicon ice cube trays in the cupboard & have been using them every so often for her foods, this fish one from Ikea was perfect for this week. Of course she went right for the yogurt & promptly yelled “like lotion!” as she started smearing it all over her face.
I am a firm believer that all of the fruit that we eat must cancel out our occasional donut dates & steak n’ shake. Right? Old cravings die hard.

And of course, what is 4th of July week without messy bomb pops right before heading to the pool?

Wishing you all a fun week ahead! XO

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