Hump Day Happenings

I think we are still recovering from the weekend, we are a little slow moving but it feels good to relax after having guests on & off for the last few weeks. We have family coming next week again, this time Brandon’s sister & her family, the girls will have so much fun playing with their cousins. We can’t wait!
Eloise is making strides this week with just about everything, she is almost laughing which means Harper & I are constantly acting like fools to get her first giggle. We successfully have her swaddled with one arm out & her sleep is still improving. If you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you’ve already seen this picture, but I can’t get over how cute her little chubby legs are! This is how she stretches after she sleeps, I love how she flattens her feet & points her toes up.

 Favorite Green Heart Onesie

We had homemade pizza for dinner this week, one of my favorite things to make because it is easy as pie (ha) but also, Harper loves to help & it keeps her entertained forever. I usually put her up on the kitchen counter, she doesn’t scoot around or try to get down because she’s scared we won’t put her back up there, but of course I stand by her the whole time anyway. I put all of the ingredients in bowls & roll out the dough on the pan for her & basically let her have at it. It’s messy but really not much messier than her eating it (which she goes diaper undies only for dinner). We did ground beef & green peppers, one of our favorite topping combos.


Harper has suddenly become afraid of the dark, she has been having trouble going to bed every night & we are at a loss over what to do about it. It literally came out of no where, she makes all sorts of excuses why she doesn’t want to go to sleep & sometimes cries for almost an hour. We go in to talk to her, lay with her, even let her sleep in our bed one night, but she still seems upset. She first told us she was scared of a green truck, which made us nervous but then we found out it was the green truck in one of her books (she pulled a total Keyser Soze on us), then she said she was scared of the camera (monitor), then eventually she started crying at bath time saying she doesn’t like that either. Which leads me to believe she just doesn’t want to go to bed. Thoughts? It’s so hard seeing her like this because she has never had any trouble going to bed, hoping it is just a phase & will pass.
During the day though, all she wants to do is play in her room. Her big basket of dress up goodies is her favorite, she loves to put on her tutus & crowns so she can sing songs in her room. And she loves having Eloise as her audience! 😉 Such a girly girl & I love it so very much.

And some super exciting news, my parents are officially moving here in a few weeks!!!!! Their house is on the market & they start their jobs here the first week of September. I am so so so happy, I haven’t lived near my parents for over eight years. We couldn’t possibly be more excited at the thought of our girls having their grandparents around as they grow up! And you know, for us to sneak off for the night every once in a while to give them all some quality time together! 😉

Hope you all are having a great week so far, Happy Hump Day!


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