Our Weekend

We had some of our best friends from college in town visiting this weekend, and one of them was celebrating their 30th birthday! So naturally, we got real crazy. We made coconut cupcakes, drank some champagne sangria & played Cards Against Humanity which totally stood up to all of the great things that I’ve heard about it. Anytime you play a game where you might hold a card in your hand that says “because I’m a motherfucking sorcerer,” I think you’re destined to have a blast. It was so much fun catching up with them & of course the girls loved them too! 😉

 Sunday morning, we had a huge pancake & bacon breakfast, while drinking pots of coffee & attempting to recover from the late night. I’m sure it was all sorts of birth control for our friends waking up with both a hangover & a two year old climbing all over them. 😉 We said goodbye & then took the girls to the indoor swing & trampoline park. Harper jumped her little heart out & Eloise got to kick back in my favorite swing for a while, I feel like this one would be the perfect addition to the hammock farm.

And because no weekend is complete without a hilarious toddler tale, this happened. I mentioned before that Harper has a major obsession with braids right now, and if you have a daughter that loves Frozen, you’re probably in the same boat. So yesterday afternoon, I did her hair & we headed out to the grocery store. As we were standing in line for coffee, a man walks in with a long braid (and leather jacket, leather chaps, straight off his motorcycle style) & stands right behind us in line. He smiles at us & Harper’s eyes immediately light up. She points at him & yells “look mama, she has a braid too!!!” I turned so red, everyone in line started laughing, but the man was really sweet & laughed.

We really need to work on our pronouns.

Hope you all had a great weekend! XO

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