Happy Friday! This week flew by for us, Brandon was traveling a bit for work on & off, which is never fun, but always makes me so excited & thankful for the weekend. It rained a ton but was also pretty beautiful in between, so we were able to get a little fresh air.

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We had a playdate with some friends at the park, where Harper managed to find one single mud puddle in the entire area & throw herself into it. She came running up to me with a handful of mud & said “I fell in da mud. Sorry bout dat!” I was cleaning it out of her ears & from in between her toes for the rest of the day. But she had tons of fun & Eloise was entertained watching, as always!

It has been a rough week sleepwise for us. Eloise rolls onto her stomach but then can’t seem to get comfortable, so she wakes up every 45 minutes in the night & I have to go roll her over. Does this happen to anyone else?! I am exhausted. Some nights are better than others, but I swear I was in her room ten times last night trying to soothe her back to sleep. Hopefully she will get the hang of things soon!
She is also reaching for everything right now, to grasp in her little chubby hands & put into her mouth. Harper’s hair, toys, clothes, just about anything. This morning she reached right over & grabbed Harper’s bowl of cheerios and tossed them right across the room. Harper’s reaction? “Ellie! We don’t fro food!” Annnnd then I choked on my coffee laughing.

This is our final weekend to finish our Home Depot Style Challenge, so we will be working hard to wrap it up. I can’t wait to share the finished space! Then I will be getting ready to decorate outside for our annual Halloween party, I swear it feels like it was just this time last year! Our Halloween party is always pretty low key, lots of snacks, drinks & costumes. Our entire neighborhood goes all out for Halloween, like haunted houses & tailgating in their driveways, shouldn’t all holidays be like that?! 😉 Most of our friends don’t have kids, so they all come hang out & hand out candy while we take the girls Trick or Treating. This year will be even more fun now that my parents can come along!
And even though we are in full Halloween costume making mode this wek, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this dress for Harper to wear for Christmas. I am obsessed with the plaid & zippers! Did I just say Christmas? I can’t help myself.
Hope you all have a fun weekend! XO

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