‘Tis the Season

Do you have a collection of favorite holiday things that you can’t wait to bust out as soon as Thanksgiving is over? Like your favorite Christmas jammies?! 😉 I know I do!! One of the fun things about the holiday season is getting to make every day extra festive with scented candles, twinkling lights & maybe even a glass moose mug filled with your favorite eggnog recipe. I’ve rounded up a few things that make me feel extra warm & fuzzy (or maybe frozen & snowy) inside.
Meri Meri Cupcake Kit \ Bearded & Jolly Mens Tee \ Flannel Sleep Pant \ Mistletoe Tee \ Mr & Mrs Santa Cocktail Glasses \ Keep the Change Doormat \ Philosophy Gingerbread Duo \ Fair Isle Mittens \ Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

 I will never get over that doormat, I think this just may be the year we have to get it. I wonder if it will fit in my husband’s stocking! 😉 Along with these favorites, I have shared in the past some of our favorite Christmas Books as well as my all time favorite Christmas Playlist.
I would love to know what are the things you love most this time of year, what are your favorite movies or must have recipes?!
Hope you all are having a very merry Monday! XO


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