5 Favorite Rainy Day Activities

If you’re a mom with a house full of toddlers, you know that a rainy day stuck inside can be bananas. Especially in the Spring, when you’re just getting into the groove of being outside every day, our kids are sure to stand with their face pressed up against the windows just waiting to go out & play. So I’m sharing a few of our favorite rainy day activities that are sure to keep our girls happy & sanity in tact even when it’s gloomy outside.

1. Take advantage of the covered porch. Just because the rain is falling doesn’t mean all outdoors is off limits for us, we love to still spend time on our screened in porch! They love to have lunch outside, or just bring out toys to have tea parties or play legos. The sound of the falling rain is really calming to our kids, and it’s something sorta out of the ordinary, so they stay entertained for much longer than they normally would! 
2. Indoor treasure hunt. The girls are obsessed with this game, and it gives me a little bit of peace & quiet too! The girls wait in the other room for a bit, while I hide a few things & then make a list for Harper (usually drawing things out so she knows what they are). The girls grab their bags or old Easter baskets & run around finding all of their goodies. Bonus: I usually tell them they have to pick up the playroom before we can treasure hunt & it works like a charm! 😉
3. Whip something up in the kitchen. Smoothies, cut out cookies, or even homemade play doh. We especially love to open the windows or the back door to set the mood a little bit, they always get excited to help make things in the kitchen, so this makes it a little extra special.
4. Arts & Crafts. We have a house full of little artists, so we do arts & crafts almost every day. But I like to save a bunch of things back for when we really need to fuel our creativity. I love to roll out a long piece of kraft paper & give the girls their water color paints or jumbo crayons to color on. This can get messy pretty fast, so saving it for special occasions seems to keep their attention much longer. They love to do chalk on their easels, decorate the windows with washi tape or make cards for dad that we seal up in envelopes to give him when he comes home from work.
5. Dance in the rain! As long as the temps are still warm & there is no lightning, playing outside doesn’t necessarily have to be off limits. Some of our very best splash park days last summer were in between rain showers, when the parks are almost empty! They’re getting wet anyway, so why not! 😉
Of course, all of these things can be done any day of the week, regardless of the weather. But there’s more fun in knowing you have a back up plan for days that you can’t take your troops out of the house. Lots of fun to be had, save it for a rainy day! 

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