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It doesn’t seem possible that this is my third pregnancy. I mean, I’m good at math and all, but THREE? πŸ™‚ Sometimes I still can’t wrap my head around it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was putting together some of my pregnancy must-haves right before Harper was born. My pregnancy with Harper was all uncharted territory, I had no idea what to expect or what things I could use to make life easier. A body pillow, for example, does wonders for tailbone pain, heartburn & sleep overall, but I had no idea back then. It should also be noted that you can tell your toddler that it is a giant magical sleeping pillow & maybe, you’ll share it with them at naptime so they can take a really good nap. Yep, Harper sleeps with it every afternoon.
I’ve rounded up some of my current favorites, including a fun stretchy tee (and you know I love a good graphic tee!) & some under-belly support shapewear!

Bump Nest Pillow // I’m So Pregnant Tee // Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins // Earth Mama Pregnancy Essentials // Mustela Stretch Mark Cream // Blanqi Support Tanks // Crane Humidifier

I have been using Mustela Stretch Mark Cream since I got pregnant with Harper & so far it has not let me down. If nothing else, it helps with itchy belly skin too, especially in the dry winter months! I discovered Earth Mama Angel Baby at the end of my pregnancy with Eloise, they have an amazing selection of pregnancy essentials (and post-partum as well!) to help with heartburn, stretch marks & even morning sickness. The ginger & grapefruit body wash is my favorite & I love that it is safe to use with toddlers in the shower as well! Gummy prenatals are my must must must have recommendation for anyone who despises taking vitamins, I have hated most of the others that I have used, even ones that weren’t so bad on the stomach, I still felt like I could taste them all day. These are gentle on the stomach & actually taste so good! One thing to note with these is that they do not contain Iron, so if you have issues with anemia while pregnant (like I do) you may need to ask your doctor about an iron supplement as well. And if you experience a dry, stuffy nose & chapped lips while pregnant, a good humidifier will change that & you’ll never look back. Just make sure to use it in an enclosed room by shutting your bedroom door at night, so it can work to it’s fullest potential. This is especially helpful during the winter.

Of course, every pregnancy is different, my pregnancy with Eloise was the hardest & so far, this one has been the easiest. Knock on all the wood. Whew! I know that was a ton of information, but I remember being a first time mom-to-be & wanting all the recommendations that I could get! So I hope that you find this helpful & that somewhere along the line, something here can make your nine months of baby growing just a little bit easier! πŸ˜‰

You can find a few more similar posts, Maternity Style Favorites and Postpartum & Newborn Month Favorites both of which I have already been referring back to throughout this pregnancy. It seems surreal that by summer, we will have another newborn in the house!

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  1. TOTALLY crazy and awesome that you're on #3! I'll never forget coming across your blog, on my last few weeks pregnant with Jack (while on bedrest no less) and GLUED to it! Now my little guy is on the verge of 3 and you're on the verge of 3! Time is FLYING!! Keep up the great work. I know you've helped me a ton! ?

  2. Hi! Just curious as I read this..since you'll be welcoming a new baby this summer, will you still be putting Harper in preschool in the fall? I know you avoided it last year with Eloise getting sick a lot so I was curious about this time around? Any tricks for avoiding all the crazy toddler germs? πŸ™‚

  3. I have had such a bad time with my gag reflex this pregnancy. I normally love the gummies (this is also #3 for me) but this time I even have a hard time with these! Way better than the horse pills though. That pillow looks so comfy! I've been re-using my Snoogle pillow and it's still the most amazing thing ever!

  4. It does seem like you were just pregnant with Harper! Your girls are so adorable and I know this one will be just as cute! Thank you for sharing your must haves! These posts are so helpful for first time moms! I couldn't find enough of them when I was pregnant with my first! I will be sure to look back with my second!

  5. I NEED that shirt for my next pregnancy. I always feel huge but people usually don't notice I'm preggers until about 5 months (dang being extra skinny!) And I'm glad that you shared a prental that you like! I have the hardest time with those even after two children. I think I may just take then the entire time if they taste good!

  6. I started following you back in January of 2012, right after I found I was pregnant for the first time. I remember that first list you put up very well…because I ran out and bought all of the things on it! LOL (I think my favorite was the Edy's fruit bars πŸ™‚ Thanks for being such a great resource for us moms whether we be newbies or pros!

  7. Not exactly a "pregnancy" question…just a general kiddo question for you. What kind of diaper bag are you using? Do you still use your StorkSak? I'm looking at getting a new one (mine is totally not big enough!) and I know in the past that is what you used. Still love it? Would you recommend another one? Any insight would be so appreciated!

  8. We have the same humidifier in our bedroom and our nursery – definitely a great purchase and a must have item! You're actually not supposed to shut the door when it's running though (it says so in the manual, which I didn't read until after the fact, of course). The first time we ran the humidifier in our daughter's nursery, we ended up with an awful musty smell that took several weeks to completely go away. Now, we keep the door cracked when it's running and no smell!

    The Spoiled Mama has great pregnancy products as well. I loved their stretch mark oil and they have great teas as well!

  9. Do you have any favorite postpartum bands, etc? I had a C-Section Feb 1, 2014 and am due with BB2 May 15, 2015. I could do VBAC, but just thinking since I had a non-complicated, easy recovery the first time I may just stick another C-Section..

  10. I love the Blanqui body shaper – I have back issues and this relieved all the back pain. Crazy that a tank could do that. The only problem was being pregnant in the summer – it was hot! Can't believe it's your third pregnancy. So. Much. Fun!

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