Weekend Happenings

So Eloise fell out of her big kid bed on night one.

We had bumpers under her sheet, pillows stacked up on the floor, and she had already successfully taken a nap in it without hardly moving around at all. But about three hours after she went to bed, we heard a loud thud, and ran upstairs to find her & half her blankets on the floor. So we re-evaluated our barricades, added more padding to the floor and eventually pushed her and Harper’s beds together. No more falling out, but they definitely switched beds somehow at about five this morning. We are still living by our “ok to wake” alarm clock, and they actually waited until the light turned on to come downstairs this morning. She is just so happy to be like her big sis, we are so thankful for Harper who sets such a good example. And extra thankful that the bed is only a few feet off the ground. 😉

I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant with a second girl, one of the very first images that flashed through my mind was the two of them staying up late in matching twin beds giggling & talking in their room after we put them to bed. It was so sweet to see it actually happen! I will share more of their room very soon, waiting on just a few finishing touches & it will be complete!!

Saturday night, we roasted hot dogs & made s’mores with our super sweet neighbors, who we can’t rave enough about! They have daughters in college right now & have been so welcoming to our little trio of girls who stand at the trees and call their names whenever they see them outside. The girls adore them!  Everyone stayed up way past their bedtimes (which I’m sure played a huge part in Eloise falling asleep in her bed so quick!) and it is such a fun flashback to when I was little! We used to roast hot dogs at my grandparent’s farm in Missouri all the time when we visited them, I can vividly remember holding a hot dog on a stick while I rocked with my grandma on the tree swing. What I would give for one more night of that!

We are shooting our completed kitchen today & can’t wait to share this week, such a good feeling to have that room finished! Just in time to fill those shelves with holiday decor! 😉 Hope you all had an amazing weekend!!! XO



  1. I have two girls, they’re 4 & 3 years old. They share a room aand we also pushed their beds together. Somehow, my youngest still ends up in the floor at night. Luckily, I’m up nursing my little boy several times at night so I always check up on the girls and put her back in her bed.

  2. My six year old still falls out of bed on a semi regular basis.

    I have two girls in one room and still havent put the two year old in her twin bed. I’m not worried about her falling, I just doubt she will actually stay in bed instead of playing all night.

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