When a Tree Falls in the Woods

….and comes crashing down within inches of your breakfast nook window while you’re eating waffles. That is the story of our Tuesday morning. It scared the living daylights out of us, we could hear it cracking like fireworks. I grabbed the girls, thank God for Ellie’s high chair being on wheels, and within seconds the tree crashed right outside this window.

It was so scary. And our yard looks more like a jungle than usual. 😉 Should be a super fun weekend cleaning it all up!

We are hoping for some warm weather soon, this little lady is dying to get outside & ride her new bike!! We, along with grandparents, got her this Radio Flyer bike for her birthday, it is just the perfect size! It has both an adjustable seat & removable training wheels so she can definitely continue to ride it as she grows, then eventually it will get passed down to her little sisters! I really want to get her a cute little basket to add to the front!

While we were in Florida, we got to visit one of my brothers, his wife & their four month old baby. It was so fun to see them & they just announced that they’re moving closer, to Charlotte, NC in the next few weeks! We have never been there so we are super excited to go visit & explore their new city with them. My brother that still lives in Iowa just proposed to his girlfriend this week as well, and she said YES! We are so happy for them & can’t wait for their beautiful wedding in the next year or so. And in two weeks, Brandon’s sister & her family will be coming to visit us for a few days & we will get Eloise baptized while they’re here. We can’t wait to see them & for the girls to have lots of fun with their cousins since they are all so close in age! 🙂

And a few Friday Favorites because visions of SPRING are dancing through my head!! For those of you who loved my reversible metallic tote, I found a new similar style in rose gold that is so pretty & affordable!! I have been loving my bag & use it instead of a diaper bag often!
These baby espadrilles are too cute for words, I had to get them for Eloise & can’t wait to see her chubby little feet in them.
Strawberry & toasted coconut bruschetta, this recipe had my mouth watering! They call it dessert but I call it breakfast. I have been craving fruit like crazy & can’t wait for Strawberries to be in season again.

Wishing you all a fun & relaxing weekend!!! XO


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  1. WOW!!!! crazy scary!!!!!!!! what I mess you must've had this past weekend cleaning it all up!!! I do love love those big trees though!!!!!!! 🙂 I also LOVE Harper's new bike!!! SO dang cute!!!!!!! I can't believe she is 3?!!!!! seems just like yesterday when I stumbled across your blog and she was just a baby!!!!

  2. Hey there! I've been following your blog since 2011 when I found out I was pregnant with my son. He's just 6 months younger than Harper and your posts have been so helpful. Its great to hear your family is moving closer to you. We live just 10 miles south of Charlotte and the area is beautiful! Congratulations on all the amazing things going on in your life right now!

  3. Glad everything is okay!! That's the thing about Georgia, the trees in the backyard are so tall and beautiful but scary at the same time! How awesome for your newly engaged brother and sister in law, congrats to them!! 🙂

  4. Yikes! How scary!

    When I was pregnant, I was sleeping on the couch one night and the transformer outside the living room window blew. I thought we were under attack! I don't think I've ever been that scared in my life! Lol…

  5. This is totally unrelated to your blog post, but where did you get your porcelain berry baskets? I love them and have been looking for a nice set

  6. I totally understand the terror of having a tree branch falling just outside a window – when my son was a baby I was giving him a morning bottle before the sun came up, sitting in a comfortable chair next to a big window in our front room, when a really large branch fell. The sound was just as you described and since it was dark, I had zero clue what had just happened. I screamed. My husband came running out from the bedroom, and didn't understand why I found it so scary. Good to know I'm not alone!

  7. Charlotte is great! My parents and sister live there so we visit often (from Chicago) and love it, too. It's a great small city, lots of good restaurants, shopping, parks, really cool neighborhoods. Lots of young families. Glad you are all OK after the tree fell! Harper looks too cute on her bike! 🙂 I feel like I should add, long time reader, first time commenter! ? love your blog! I'm due with my second at the beginning of August, I was so excited to see you're pregnant again too, congrats!! 🙂

  8. I mean this nicely, but please get Harper a helmet. Even with training wheels, kids fall. I saw my brother flip over the handlebars of his bike and land on his head (this was way back before helmets were the norm). He needed brain surgery to remove a blood clot that formed and pressed against his brain. He could easily have died.

  9. Ah! This is so scary! My family had a similar experience when I was young and we were living in Texas. A little tornado brought a tree down right in our driveway while my dad was out of town on business. My mom was freaked! Glad everyone's ok!

  10. That little bike is AWESOME! I'm going to have to remember it for my daughter when she's a bit older. We live in Charlotte. It's a beautiful, growing city with lots to do! Hope your brother enjoys it here and you have a good visit. It's such a family-friendly place!

  11. When I was in 2nd grade we had a HUGE windstorm and our neighbors tree fell onto our breakfast nook roof and crashed through the ceiling at about 1 am. It was the scariest thing and my dad was out of town so it was just my mom and is kiddos. So glad your house was spared with that one!!

    Oh my word that tricycle is so cute and I love that it can grow with Harper and be passed down to her sisters. I think a basket on the front is the sweetest idea!!

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