Toddler Tales

Eloise walking has actually been one of my most favorite things in the entire world. Like I said before, this girl was never happy doing baby things, she was ready to take on the world one teeny-tiny step at a time. Her personality has changed so much, she is sweet, silly & quirky just like her big sis. It feels funny to me to have two kids just walking around, they hold hands & play together, like real kids. Kid kids. Not just babies.
The other morning when they were playing with their kitchen, Harper sweetly asked Eloise to make her something & handed her a plastic plate. Eloise continued to bang around a little bit until Harper took the plate back from her and said, “Mom. I asked Ellie to make me sumpin’ and all she made me was cat food!”

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Harper’s concept of time always makes me laugh, when I ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom, she will tell me things like “nope, I already went to the bathroom after my nap last year.” or “when you were my age, and I was your age…” She is so silly & loves to ask me things like if she can have birds in her room like Cinderella does, or if the horses by our house poop in the grass, then what grass do they eat? 🙂 Clever little lady!

Sometimes her cleverness turns into sass & I get a pretty little glimpse into my future as a mom of three teenage girls. She gets her tutus & dress-up shoes taken away if she isn’t being good, but she is sure to find one at the bottom of a toy basket or in her teepee. She came scooting by me the other day with her giant Minnie mouse in front of her to hide the tutu she had on, and when she saw me notice it, she said “Mom, shhhh! I don’t want to hear you tell me one more time that I can’t wear my tutu. Don’t you even tell me. You can just look at Ellie while I go past you. Ok? Good.”

The two of them make each other laugh so hard every day, they already have their own funny little language & love each other so much. Even though Harper smacks Eloise in the head with play pots & pans sometimes, and Eloise occasionally bites Harper’s toes as hard as she can. Little gremlins, I love them so! 


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  1. Harper is actually very smart. Her comment about when you were her age, she was your age is quite genius! Technically, she's right. When you were her age, she was also that same age. She is the same age you once had been. I can't even fully explain it, because well, it's just that genius! I love her sass, too! Thank you for sharing your daily stories! I love reading "Harperisms" 🙂

  2. Oh man they are cute! I remember when my son started walking that I thought he looked so old and big. But that picture of the two of them holding hands, it just shows how fast they grow and that Eloise is still a baby compared to Harper!

  3. I love the picture of the girls holding hands. It would be a great one to zoom in, blow up and frame. The love between sisters.

  4. They really are gorgeous girls!!!

    My son is 20 months old and I am pregnant. Don't know how I'm going to manage a toddler and a newborn, a husband, 2 dogs, a house, and a full time job!!!! You truly make it look easy! Love your blog and love that you share your life.
    Thank you!!!!

  5. So sweet! I feel like my babe doesn't like being a baby either and it totally rearing to go and wants to walk badly! She's 9 months, and I'm thinking probably within the next month or two she'll be off and running. I can't wait for all the fun that walking opens us up to!

  6. So sweet! Toddlers are crazy with the things they come up with! And how sneaky they THINK they are 😉
    This makes me look forward to when my sweet little babe becomes a big sister, one day!

  7. This made me smile. Your girls are just so much fun. Being a boy mom to one little guy I am his best friends and it can get exhausting.. but at the end of the day I love every single second of it… happy Easter to you and your family

  8. Oh my gosh, they are such characters! Cam always tells me, "We went there LAST year." when it was, like, two days ago. Toddlers are awesome (mostly). I can't even imagine the three of them as teenagers! Start stocking up on the booze now! 🙂

  9. that photo of the two of them holding hands absolutely kills me. my girls are 13 months apart and I cannot wait for them to be kids, instead of just babies!

  10. This is one of my favorite posts ever. They are so funny and adorable. I love hearing other people's cute kid stories. Keep these posts coming please!!! Happy Easter weekend 🙂

  11. I love it. I'm convinced my 9 month old also hates being a baby and is ready to take over the world if only her legs would just cooperate. No steps yet, but she's really thinking about it. And my 4 year old is a sass master! Lol. I'm already scared for the teenage years with just my two! I can't imagine three! But I have a friend who has two sisters and they are all grown and the very best of friends now. Lifelong friends!

  12. Seriously…this is giving me major second baby fever. I love the Toddler tales, and getting a little glimpse into what life might be once we have a second kid around. Also…don't you love that new grassy area at the Avalon!? I seriously want to go hang out there every day when it's nice out!

  13. Oh my goodness I am I. The same boat with Blair. The only way for her to know she did something wrong is for me to take away her play dresses. Of course then she will go into my closet and pull out my dresses and shoes to wear or ask if I want to play dress up too. Who can say no to that!? 3 year old girls think thy rule the world, which they might sometimes

  14. Adorable post!! My daughters are the same except our 11 month old can't walk yet but she sure gets around cruising as fast as she can! They chase each other around the whole house, laugh and cry together. It really is great to see them bond! And I am happy they can entertain each other too 😉 Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!!

  15. These are my favorite posts 🙂 So cute hearing what Harper says….I can relate to so much of it! And that picture of them holding hands in the car? You must have had that good feeling mommy moment for sure!

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