St. Patrick’s Day

We always celebrate every holiday with a festive breakfast, I think it is a fun & easy way to get your kids excited about something & it sets the mood for the day. I have been wanting to try a homemade poptart recipe for years, so I decided it would be a fun shamrock style breakfast. I made the dough the night before, super easy & quick, then just rolled it out and put it in between two sheets of wax paper. In the morning, we just cut them out, filled them with some raspberry jam & put them in the oven. Harper loves to frost & decorate our baked goods, so she was a happy camper!! She concentrates so hard, it cracks me up. Eloise could have cared less, she just wanted a banana.

One of the book stores near us had a St. Patty’s Day story hour & craft time for kids, so we met some friends there and grabbed lunch after. And sent silly selfies to dad while he was in New York for meetings. Eloise is loving life right now, maybe all she ever wanted this whole time was to walk? I am convinced she hated being a baby.

Green Dress & Glitter Headband, old from J.Crew Outlet // Gold Bow Dress // Shamrock Hair Clip 

We ended the night with Brandon coming home just in time for the girls’ bedtime. He scared the shit out of us by bursting in early during bath time, but we forgive him because he brought ice cream. 😉 So we made the most of the amazing weather & hung out on the patio in our pajamas for a bit. The first thing Harper told him when he came in was “good job for wearing green!”, she get it from her mama!

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day filled with lots of love & luck! XO

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  1. You have the most adorable, fun family of all time!! I adore your blog. With my favorite part of you always keeping shit real!! Love, love, love! Your glasses are too cute, what brand are those? I am wanting/needing some in my life and I am loving everything about those. I am so busy with 4 kiddos, was looking at ordering some but can find the pair I love! Ordering will either go totally in my favor or go like some days around here, complete shit show 😉 Happy Spring!!

  2. My 3rd hated being a baby as well. As soon as she could walk and do things for herself, it was like she was a different kid. She still gets really upset when she can't do something the older 2 do.

  3. Your girls are TOO cute 🙂 Love the pop-tart idea! Your so creative!
    Oh and by the way, you should add that "come at evening or at morning" in your shop….asap 😉

  4. Haha "I'm convinced she hated being a baby" my kid was happier once she started walking also! And Harpers comment about the green shirt! Like mama like daughter 😉 Happy ST. Paddy's day! XO

  5. Abigail pinched the crap out of Jim when he walked in the door because he wasn't wearing any green. So, yeah, we've got some hardcore holiday enthusiasts up in here :p

  6. I am so envious that even as a young toddler Harper has been good at helping in the kitchen (or that's just the impression I've gotten.) My daughter is 2 1/2 and I only recently let her start helping me in the kitchen because she is like a tornado.
    And I totally agree, Eloise probably just wanted to be on the move from the beginning : ) Happy belated St. Paddy's Day!!!

  7. There is a new place near us in Omaha that makes homemade poptarts and they are amazing! I think I will stick to letting them do the work and just enjoying all the flavors – clementine, nutella, you name it. Love your holiday posts and those adorable little gals of yours.

  8. Love the pop tart idea. Random but have you thought about a booster seat for Harper? We are thinking of moving our 7 month to our toddlers Marathon and have been looking for good 5 point to booster seat for our 2 1/2 year old. Would LOVE to hear what options you are looking into. Having a hard time between a Britax again and a Graco Nautilus.

  9. It's absolutely ridiculous with how obsessed I am with your blog!!!!
    You look so FABULOUS and Your daughters are just so gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with all of us.
    Can't wait for new posts.

  10. Just too cute!! I love your blog! I literally laughed out loud….."she hated being a baby"! Ha!
    Good job on pop tarts! I swear…..I wish I had it together as well as you! ❤️

  11. I would totally make those pop tarts with the shamrock for Elliot. It would probably have to be Mickey cutouts though! I guess maybe when babies are starting to know what they can't do but can't really do them yet they get frustrated? And once they're able to they're like I've been waiting this entire time! Haha We also probably enjoy those milestones just as much as they do! Onto chasing that baby girl!

  12. I know I've already said this on your instagram feed but I NEED that chalkboard art for my entryway in our new house!!! And I need it big 🙂 Pretty please with sprinkles on top put it in your etsy shop!

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