Holiday Cheer in the Girls’ Room

Harper has been asking since we put up our Christmas tree if she could have some decorations in her room. She asked for a full size tree, stockings & a fireplace. Go big or go home, right? 🙂 I just love her festive little heart. So the other morning, we decided to add a little bit of Christmas cheer to the girls’ room & they were all sorts of excited about it. They picked out a tinsel tree from Target, and we used some of our old ornaments to decorate it, I will be so sad to take this down come January.

This room is super duper small, or I guess it is now that we have a twin bed & a crib in it. Ideally I would love to move them into the playroom once Eloise moves to a big kid bed (if we stay in this house) but it is above the garage which is really noisy & not well insulated, so we have been undecided about what to do here. But for now, this room is quite cozy, they are obsessed with sleeping in the same room & I don’t think we can ever separate them again. Until they are teenagers, I suppose. Eloise loves to touch the tree every night before bed, along with ride the piggy, put on chapstick, wear two mis-matched socks & be dropped into her crib after singing “rock-a-bye-baby.” Harper tip toes in about half an hour later than Eloise & goes to bed, although I am convinced Eloise sleeps with one eye open waiting for her.

This is Eloise in all of her wild & crazy glory. We have been calling her gotta-go-joe lately because she is 90 miles an hour, bouncing off the walls at all times. And this is Claire just being completely entertained by it all, she is one lucky little sister! 😉

PS. A little disclaimer about the lights, Harper is a rule follower, we told her she cannot mess with them, plug them in, etc. and she doesn’t. We don’t leave them plugged in overnight (and we keep outlet covers in) & they are securely fastened to the back of her bed so they cannot come unraveled no matter how much she tosses and turns, although she sleeps halfway down the middle of her bed anyway. So just a little caution if anyone is going to duplicate this, just be extra safe. 🙂

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  1. My sister and I shared a room until we were about 15 & 16 and we loved it!! To this day we are best friends. 🙂 I love how you always put your touch in your house for every holiday. Everything looks so pretty! I'm sure the girls are the happiest!

  2. I love their bedroom! My 5.5 year old and 4yr old share a small room and although it isn't ideal, they love having their space together. I usually put up christmas lights in their room but my 15 month old messes with them now so we'll wait a while to do it again 🙂 love their space and Harpers love for the holidays! ♡ ?

  3. Jessica, I LOVE the girls room and I am obsessed with the matching Christmas pj's you got all 3 girls (on your Instagram)…I found this Etsy shop and I am just as obsessed with Christmas Vacation & Home Alone as you are… NEED these prints (It's not my shop and I don't know the owner) but they are absolutely perfect for the Christmas-obsessed ladies like ourselves…
    Christmas Vacation:
    Home Alone:×10?ref=shop_home_active_19

    I did a Christmas Gallery wall in my kitchen with these prints a few other favourites and it turned out perfect….and I can't help but laugh as I read them everytime I go into my kitchen!

    Enjoy & Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

  4. So Adorable! Their bedroom is adorable. My two boys insist on sleeping in the same bed! It truly is the sweetest thing. And really nothing tops sister love.

  5. I would love to know more about how / when you transitioned the girls to sleep in the same room. Are all three in the same room? Or just the two oldest? We are having our second girl soon and want to have them share a room but have been having trouble over the timeline of when to make it happen.

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