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It has rained the entire week here, we have been stuck inside & even confined to our first floor as the bathtub refinishing fumes were pretty overwhelming. So what is one to do? Throw an air mattress on the living room & have a week long camp out. The girls have been using it as a trampoline for most of the week, we somehow managed to take a giant group nap on it & because of it, I have been far less productive than usual. So here’s to a lazy Friday, a sunny weekend & a roundup of a few favorites over the past few days. Including these silly girls faces…

…and Harper’s response the other day to me asking her to clean up her toys.

Girlfriend literally took every single item, including chair pillows, out of her play area & hid them in a giant pile behind the dining room table. Hashtag nailed it.

I may be the last person on earth to have heard of Beyond Yoga, but I recently got a pair of their yoga pants & a tank, and have decided I may need a comfy clothes overhaul so I can live in their yoga gear from now on. I’m obsessed with all of the colors & styles, they’re just too good not to share! They are the softest material & best fit on the planet, and best of all, they have both maternity & non-maternity styles!

If you haven’t tried this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer yet, you are in for a treat! It has been my favorite makeup product for the last few weeks, I gave up on my long time favorite Nars concealer in favor of this, you can’t beat the price & I love that it never creases! Highly recommended if any of you live in the land of dark circles like me! 😉 I like both the Light & the Brightener shades, depending on what other makeup I am wearing, whether I want to use it as more of a highlighter or just to blend in with my skin tone.

During this week’s book store adventures, I spotted the most adorable new kids book called Home. I love the story & the illustrations are the cutest, this would be the perfect addition to a little boy’s room just for decor as well!
I am loving this recipe for 4-Ingredient Coconut & Nutella Fudgsicles, Harper would have a blast making these with me & I think it would be a tossup between which one of us would love eating them more.

And since this post could use a little excitement, let’s talk about BIRTHDAYS! Today is my mom’s birthday, she is in Iowa visiting family so we are sad that we can’t celebrate with her, but chocolate cake & granddaughter kisses await! It’s also my brother Josh’s birthday today, he is two years younger than me & reminds me of it every year. I turn 29 on Sunday, I see sushi (cooked, of course) mad snacks & really lame pregnant girl activities like napping in my near future! And best of all, Eloise turns one next week!! Where has the time gone! So excited to celebrate her silly little self next weekend with woodsy & whimsical (and hopefully outdoor) party!
Have the best weekend!! XO


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  1. Too funny you recommended the Maybelline over Nars! I use Urban Decay Naked and have been looking for a new foundation and actually tried Nars out yesterday in Sephora! I loved it!! But I didn't buy it because I wasn't planning on spending that much haha. I will definitely have to check out your Maybelline recommendation.

    Thank you!! Cheers to a happy weekend! 🙂

    – Sarah

  2. we have the same birthday! that's why I love you so much, we're both Aries haha. my birthday plans sound a bit like yours, sushi, snacks and napping on the beach!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love that concealer too! Basically all the rest of my make up is from Sephora, but I can't quit that Maybelline! I have a light and dark one so I can attempt some Pinterest-tutorial-contouring 😉 Happy Weekend!

  4. Wow! Lots of birthdays, I'm sure they will all be specially celebrated! Can't wait and can't believe adorable. Eloise is turning one…I still remember waiting to see the post of her birth! Best wishes to this gorgeous young lady! Thanks for sharing your everyday life!

  5. I'm so excited you shared the yoga pants AND make up Jessica! I've been on the hunt for some GOOD yoga pants that are good quality. Sick of buying so many pairs over the months because the ones I currently live in FADE so bad! Do these seem to keep their color? I would probably just do black yoga pants. And did you do maternity or no? I'm pregnant too, celebrated my birthday Tuesday 😉 so much in common! And I have terrible dark circles from lack of sleep AND hereditary. So double whammy. I'll definitely check this stuff out! I currently use Tarte concealer, Two faced foundation, Nars bronzer. I did use Nars everything but didn't like the creases as well. Would really appreciate your feedback on the yoga pants so I can order a pair asap! If we put your name in do you get money back? I see it says refer a friend and get $25! 🙂

  6. I can't believe your littlest is going to be ONE! I mean, where has the time gone!? I can't wait to see all of the fun stuff you come up with for her birthday. I tried that Maybeline rewind concealer and I just can't seem to love it!! Everyone is loving it but it always seems to crease for me, what the heck?! I must be using it wrong… I was really hoping it would be a hit because of the price tag…

  7. Love those pretty girls!! That Harper is is slick! I've been using that concealer forever and it is everything. I think I saw Jaclyn Hill suggest it one time and ran to get it. It's awesome. Happy birthday again!!

  8. My little guy turns 1 on Tuesday! I've been stalking the weather reports hoping the rain goes away and it's sunny as it SHOULD be so we can go to the ATL zoo! Here's hoping!

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