Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Hope you all are having a great weekend!! I hoped to post this on Friday, but nap time was non existent & early bedtime (for me) took it’s place. It was a fun & short week for us since Brandon was home Monday & Tuesday, a little extra fun in the mundane work week is always good for the soul! We got a bunch of projects done at home, had lots of fun at the park, hit up the splash pad, ate our favorite BBQ & finished the week off with a visit from the ice cream truck. Eloise is so fearless in the water, all she wanted was to stand under the giant water buckets & kept pointing at them the entire time. My grey hair count has increased significantly thanks to this fearless girl!!

And a little round up of some current Friday Favorites, just a few days late!

While searching for paint colors for our bathroom cabinets, I fell in love with this bathroom & the beautiful green cabinet + subway tile combination. Such pretty inspiration!

These inflatable hot dogs for the pool are just too good. A super fun father’s day gift!
This recipe for Chicken & Avocado Burritos is on my must-try list for dinner this week.
I love these little outdoor chairs for kids, so perfect for an outdoor space for after pool snacking & bubble blowing. Love the price, hate the headache of going to Ikea. 😉
I became so obsessed with chambray rompers for the girls that I had to finally buy one for myself. I decided on this one, because I think it will transition well into the Fall. AND it is so so so soft!! Trying it on, almost nine months pregnant, was not pretty. But enough that I could get an idea of how it would fit! 😉 I also love this tank one from the Gap which is quite a bit cheaper & also so adorable!! What are your thoughts, love them or hate them?!

And for my Bachelorette loving friends, if you don’t already read these weekly recaps, hop on it & thank me later. Hilarious.

Happy Sunday, friends!! XO


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  1. Girl we are seriously on the same wave length with our pins, first the leopard flats and this amazing bathroom. We are redoing our master and I pinned that bathroom as inspiration. It's gorgeous! Also, your girls could be more beautiful.

  2. I tried that Anthro romper on too and fell in love with it!!! They didn't have my size but I planned to order online. I wanted it for the long sleeves as well!

  3. Cute rompers! I like the look of some of them but I have an abnormally long torso which leads to a very unfortunate….front wedgie situation…in anything one-piece. Lol looks like a great weekend! Love your holey jeans in the first pic 🙂

  4. LOVE the anthro one! It will go well with wedges, flats, heels and definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY cowboy boots!
    Can't believe it's almost time for baby g #3!!

  5. Splash pads are never a miss with kids! Love them! Sounds like you guys had a fun week! I like the look of a romper but it never seems to look right on me. The one from Anthropology is my favorite!

  6. Jessica! Your girls are such sweet little baby dolls! Love your blog and your mama style 🙂
    And thank you for the link to the Bachelorette breakdown.. SO HILAR! My favorite line:
    ' "Come down stairs. I need to see you." So naturally she just goes, because safety.'

  7. My daughter loves those little Ikea chairs! They come in adult size too and are surprisingly comfortable! My best advice for braving Ikea on a weekend is to get there when they open. Most of the crowd is there to eat breakfast first, so you can beat it! PS. ..I don't think your girls can get any cuter!

  8. We went to a splash pad for the first time on vacation a few weeks ago. So much fun. My daughter us also fearless…like chase after daddy into the big waves of the ocean and we don't know how to swim, fearless! Love the picture of Harper kissing Eloise on the top of the head.

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  9. Chambray rompers are so cute. I wish I had girls to buy them, but Ive got two boys, and I am totally obsessed with super hero shirts at Target. They look adorbs! I just started a blog about my boys and I would love ya'll to stop by! I am doing a mini giveaway for those that stop by. Anyways, i'd love for you to stop by! thanks.

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