Life with three.

Time has been flying since we got home from the hospital, Claire has been a champ at nursing & has actually had a few really good nights of sleep in a row. It’s almost too good to be true, so knock knock knock on all the wood. The girls love Claire & want to hold her all the time, although they are both still having a bit of a hard time adjusting to all of the changes around here. Harper was a little over two years old when Eloise was born, so she was able to understand things quite a bit better & was a huge help for me already at that age. This time around, with Eloise being only fifteen months, things are a lot different. Eloise is definitely our wild child (and I mean that in the most loving way!) she is constantly climbing on things & seeing what she can get away with when we aren’t looking, which means I spend most of my day chasing after her. She is also still a little too rough with Claire, in terms of head pats that quickly turn into smacks or scratches. Harper is an amazing big sister to both girls, she loves to entertain Eloise & play with her, and always wants to hold Claire or help get diapers/wipes/clothes for her. But she also is struggling with not having as much undivided attention, so things can turn from sweet to sour pretty darn quick.

I’m really not sure how we are going to manage, but I know we’ll get there. Eventually.

So far, our strategy has just been to divide & conquer! Brandon has been taking Harper & Eloise to the park on his days off to play soccer & climb around on the playgrounds while I stay home with Claire & catch up on sleep. He also handles the girls’ baths at night while I nurse Claire & get her ready for bed. I am so thankful for an easy recovery (so far) from my c-section, and for both Brandon & my mom for being so helpful along the way. I’m totally screwed once they’re both back to work full time next week.

 And since I hoped to post this last week with a few Friday Favorites, here are a few of my current favorites, most of which have been discovered during middle of the night feedings!

I knew that after my c-section I would want to wear a lot of dresses because they have no waistline, I ordered this striped swing dress on a whim because it was on sale & ended up loving it so much! The fabric is super soft & it fits so well, I also love how long the length is so it is a really practical every day dress for hanging around with the kids. I also love these Gap t-shirt dresses, the colors are so pretty & vibrant in person!

A friend sent me this comedy stand-up about parenting & I have not stopped laughing about it. A much needed laugh for a Monday!

My insatiable appetite while breastfeeding has me constantly scrolling Pinterest for recipes in the wee hours of the morning, these Nutella stuffed pancakes are genius.

I have an unhealthy obsession with swaddle blankets, these Little Unicorn swaddles are my current favorite (poppy print pictured above), the patterns are so fun! There are lots of cute options for boys too, the navy stripe is my favorite! 

Thank you all for being patient with the lack of blog posts, hopefully as we start getting into some sort of routine, I will be able to post more often once again! 😉 In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @jlgarvin for more photos & updates! XO


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  1. Your the best, girl. Wish I could bring you a coffee and a donut and just hang out and entertain your older girls for you. I only have two, but I GET IT. The idea of 3 is so exciting and terrifying! Haha. But, you got it! Lots of deep breaths and maybe hide in a closet for a few minutes to catch your breath thru the day. ?

  2. Beautiful family! And yes, three is hard, I read a quote from Matthew McConnaughy after they had their third, he said: having a third kid is not 33% harder, it's 133% harder. And it's SO TRUE!! But you will find your groove. Also, have to ask, where did you get the Daaaaaa Bears T-shirt on Eloise? Love it!

  3. My first two are 14 months apart, then there was a short break before having our third girl. You will do great!! Sometimes it is almost easier when everyone goes back to work/home because you finally get to figure things out. You will probably also realize that it's not as bad as you expected. Your girls are all so beautiful and happy. You are doing great, mama!!!

  4. you are ABSOLUTELY amazing and don't forget that… so many of us look up to you and all that you're able to accomplish, even now with three little adorable ones!!!

  5. That last picture is too precious! Claire is such a little doll! I love those Little Unicorn swaddles 🙂 We used the bamboo swaddles from Aiden & Anais and loved them! They are the softest thing ever. XO, Kelly

  6. So glad you're adjusting so well! I'm so nervous about adding #2 in a few weeks! You make it look so easy! Where is that pink striped knitted hat from? I have an obsession with hats 🙂

  7. Love seeing all the adorable photos of your girls! I'm sure in time you'll develop your own new routine. These early days at home go so fast! Best wishes with everything!

  8. Congratulations!!!!! I have been following along and this is probably the first time I have commented. You will be able to handle life when its just you and the girls during the day because you are an amazing mom!

  9. Um absolutely LOVE Jim Gaffigan!!! He's the greatest! We watched that after our second and couldn't stop laughing. Congrats on your 3rd! I've recently been hit with the baby fever….have 2 (3 year old girl and 1 year old boy) but I'm going crazy but I can't stop thinking about another! It makes no sense. And then seeing your awesome picture of the 3 of you out. Love love it! You looked great in it and your babies are adorable!!

  10. My niece was born on July 4th, and that's definitely started the "should we have a third baby" conversation in our house. Reading this post and seeing your Insta photos makes me want to have number three even worse!

    I'm so glad your recovery has been better this time around! And go Claire for sleeping and nursing well. Congrats again!!!

  11. The adjustment to 3 is hard especially when you have a strong willed child in the mix. It gets easier to handle, I think. Most days for sure. Your Eloise has crazy eyes in the one picture, my Brighton has those same eyes. They mean she is always up to something. Good luck.

  12. Most gorgeous girls ever! Seriously.
    I'm so excited for our little guy to get here in 5 weeks (my older two girls are 3 and 1.5) but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little terrified to be up against 2 little ones and a newborn. Your post has calmed me down – even if it gets crazy sometimes, there's so much love shining out from your photos that it totally puts me at ease. You've got this!
    Hope you're able to take it easy as much as you can and soak up all those sweet newborn cuddles. Your girls are perfection. Congratulations again!

  13. Thanks for the post. I'm sure life with three is cray-zee, but I'm sure you will get into a routine that works. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with just my two, but then I think about my oldest going to school all day and realize I need to cherish every moment. Well, not EVERY moment. Less fights between my two would be a nice change of pace! Lol. and sometimes it's okay to sit in the closet and eat a candy bar while they watch tv!
    Jim Gaffigan is the best. Love his honesty.

  14. I just found this product and my 8 month old loves it, she loved swaddle blankets and wraps but is now too big for them, I thought Eloise might like it and then later on for Claire, also congratulations!!!!

  15. So glad to hear things are going well! 🙂 I am glad nursing has been easier this time around. I had such a tough time with my Harper and I am praying it's a little bit easier with baby #2. This gives me hope!

  16. Baby fever over here! Claire is just so precious, and seems so tiny next to her big sisters. I'm sure life is absolutely insane right now – I can't imagine. But I'm sure you guys will adjust to a new normal and fall into a routine once Claire is in a steady one. On to watch that stand up.

  17. Congratulations.. it has taken me a while to get on and comment! Love the name and such a sweet addition to the family.. Looking at Eloise, I really see Harper in her.. I can't wait to see how you dress all these sweet little munchkins! I will have to send you something from Australia that you can't get in the US (seeing how you guys have EVERYTHING!).. All the best with your beautiful family xxx

  18. Hang in there! Remember with each passing week/month, it will get more manageable!!! Just don't sweat the small stuff like a messy house or takeout for dinner! That stuff will get taken care of later. The first couple months are all about survival mode! Especially with 3! I'm sure you are doing so great!!!

  19. DYING over the comedy segment!! And love the picture of your three girls…they are beautiful. I'm sure it will be rough getting in the groove of things, but time has to make things get better, right? That's what I always tell myself anyways! 🙂

  20. Congrats on the newest addition, shes beautiful, as are big sisters! My 2 boys are 16 months apart so I can totally relate to what you are going through with Eloise and Claire. My first (K) was discovering parts of the body and always wanted to practice on my second (R) when he was still so fresh. R got a lot of fingers to the eyes and many in the mouth. And I feel I did a lot more yelling at him to get down, not put things in his mouth (or sockets- and yes we had plugs over them, he took them off haha), don't dump this and that out, etc. I too, was recovering from a c section and trying to get the hang of nursing and of course K would do all this in the little time slots while we waited for someone to come over and help me. Little punk. It will get better though! K. just turned 2 and R. just turned 9 months and it is easier and they boys just adore each other (and the 2 year old listens better now). You will get the hang of things in no time! 🙂

    amanda @

  21. Oh, those girls are SO precious! You are sweet to share the pictures with us, especially when you're the most busy you've ever been in your life. Praying for your sweet family (and your sanity) and hoping you get some sleep here and there. Those early weeks are so hard. Sounds like you're doing great! Keep on keepin' on, mama! You'll get there.

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