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It’s Friday, all three kids are napping (#lifegoals) & this is happening.

We had a relatively exciting week over here, the girls got a new whip (hand me down barbie jeep) from our neighbor, so they have been loving life riding it all over the neighborhood every night. Thank the good Lord for this beautiful weather!! We had a few fun play dates with friends and Brandon & I got to have a night out this week to see one of our favorite bands from college, O.A.R. which was so much fun. Giant concert beers were not good to me, however, and I learned a very valuable lesson as I drowned in kids and coffee on Wednesday. Parenting three kids? Not so bad as long as you aren’t hungover.

Chambray Romper // Wedges

We are taking the girls to the aquarium this weekend since it is supposed to storm, hoping they will have a ton of fun & we will not be a complete circus the entire time! πŸ˜‰

Time for some Friday favorites! These gold bunny ballet flats are the cutest shoes ever, although they would be adorable all year round, I had to get a pair to save for Claire’s first Easter. (Yes, holidays on the mind, all the time.) Also, if you loved the cat flats from yesterday’s post, I just came across this equally cute, but much more affordable pair here!
Love this super easy, kid friendly zucchini pizza recipe, we tried it this week & it was SO GOOD.
How fun are these baby age blocks? It’s so easy to take weekly/monthly photos of your babies while they’re little but as soon as they’re crawling, it is near impossible. These are perfect because they could hold them as they grow!

All of these festive headbands & clips are making me very excited for Fall!

And last but not least, if you haven’t seen this hilarious parody “I wanna go to Chic Fil A” here is your Friday laugh! If you’re a mom, please tell me you can totally relate!!! πŸ˜‰
Have the best weekend, friends!!


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  3. Love those blocks! My first is due in December and I've been trying to figure out exactly how I want to document her monthly photos… this is a great option!! Your posts always have me so excited about having a girl!!

  4. I can't imagine being hungover with three kids! I made the mistake of having a bit too much to drink one night…. the next day was not so good.

    The girls look like they are having a blast in that Jeep!

  5. OMG I am dying over the parody! Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, though. When I go to fila I am a hot mess, love that they help with the tray there, my kids love the chicken (as do I! Who cares if it is MSG lade?. Hey, atleast you can tell it's real chicken and it has muscle fibers, unlike the stamped out boot from McDonald's.). Speaking of food. I am over here on my lunch break at work devouring leftover ham and cheese sliders I made according to the recipe you posted. My kids didn't like them. πŸ™ What the hell is wrong with them???? *chomp*

    -Noodle πŸ™‚

  6. I just laughed harder than I should have at that chic fil a video:) I seriously just had a conversation with my husband saying "babe, I didn't take buddy to chic fil a once this week! Isn't that crazy!?" Needless to say he was like umm yeah that's fabulous, why is it so hard to stay away from there!?

  7. I have never seen that video and I am DYING!! Too funny!!! We have our own version over here…Our youngest daughter is named Maisie (pronounced May-Zee) and she is CRAZY! So we sing, "You know I'm all about that Maize, bout that Maize, she's trouble…" etc. Gets her and my 3-year-old dying of laughter whenever that song comes on!

    Do you like the vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle?! I missed the sale but might just have to pay full price this weekend haha!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

    – Sarah

  8. OAR is awesome! (Or is my age showing? haha!) Love the parody and it's so true. I made my husband watch it and he said, Um did you create this or get someone to write it for you? haha! So excited for fall! Hope you guys had fun at the aquarium!

  9. I love your glasses! I've been looking for a pair of bigger frames, but not TOO big…what brand/designer are they? Also, I just bought those cat stripe footie jammies for my 11 month old daughter, and the spooky eye sweater, I think it works for girls too!

  10. If you got drunk on beer at the concert were you able to breastfeed Claire? Seeing as she won't take a bottle, I'd like to know how you can safely drink and breastfeed. I'd like to have a drink or two and be able to breastfeed.

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