Hello, September!

A few reasons why I woke up smiling today, aside from the fact that it is September and that means Fall starts this month. One. Claire is two months old today! She is smiling & talking baby talk, and her little chubby cheeks are cuter than ever. We just adore her so much! Happy two month birthday little Claire Berry Pie!!

  Two. College football! We are so excited for the three day weekend ahead of us & can’t wait to kick off football season! We are going to celebrate my dad’s birthday Saturday & have some friends and family over to watch football and eat tons of good food. I am also especially excited for football gear this year, if you follow us on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you may have seen a sneak peek of these hand-lettered football shirts in collaboration with my friend Katie’s shop, they are available now for purchase here and 15% off with coupon code gamedaydeal. I had to put them on the girls as soon as they came, they are super soft and come in adult, kids & baby sizes. And grey makes them universal for accessorizing with any of your favorite team colors!!  
It was a chick-fil-a on the porch kind of afternoon! 😉 I love how Harper chose to accessorize her shirt, always a tulle skirt & glitter!
And three. Some super exciting, and also bittersweet news over here today, we are putting our house on the market!
That’s right, we are moving. We have decided that although we love our house soooo much, we really need a yard for the kids & a little more space. We want to be able to have grass, a place for a swing set & kiddie pool, space for the girls to run & play. Our backyard is beautiful, for adults, we love it & spend so much time out there. But because of the shade from the 60+ pine trees, we cannot grow grass, and the yard is such a steep hill that it requires a retaining wall (the ivy) for drainage, so it is not kid friendly at all. We are sad, but also super excited to see where this adventure may lead us. We have a few options on the table, including new construction which would be really fun. We have met with a few builders, gone over floorplans & lots, and have also checked out quite a few other homes for sale in our area. There are pros & cons to both building and buying, so we are just going to continue checking out our options & see what happens!! I will share more later this week! 🙂
So I wish you all a happy September first, here’s to finding lots of things to be happy about today! XO

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  1. Exciting news on the house! We just got done building our house and moved in last weekend! We love it, but there are a lot of decisions! We loved some features of our old home and made sure to incorporate in our new place – the best part of building!! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  2. If I could convince my husband to move to Georgia I would buy it! I've loved all the pictures you've shared from your home!! So exciting though! Moving is always great time to decluttering and get some new energy! Good luck on figuring out your options! Happy September!

  3. So exciting! My husband I are 2 months into a 4-6 month build, and it's exciting! The hardest part was trying to get the building permits — as our lot is on a lake, the city we live in was extra persnickety with regards to the regulations for our build. But, we are now picking out all the fun stuff – flooring, cabinetry, & countertops – so it's getting real!

    Good luck to you guys – it's an exciting time!

  4. SO exciting for you guys!!! I completely understand where you're coming from as I'd LOVE to have a backyard with grass for my son. At this point in time, we haven't found anything we like in our price point, but we're looking too. Good luck!!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those shirts are adorbs! AND I can't believe you are moving! I have always thought your home and backyard was lovely, but moving is always exciting. Good luck in your home search.

  6. I hope you decide to take us on the journey of decorating and how the design goes if you choose to build. Thank you for all you share with us so far. How about a Basket Ball design collection, as well?

  7. Good luck on finding your new place, Jessica! I also want to say I love reading your blog and even though I'm just now starting to really comment, I just adore your family and your lifestyle. You are a huge inspiration to my own blog writing and my life. So thank you and keep up the good work!


  8. That's so exciting! Congratulations on this new adventure for the Garvin family. We will be putting our first home on the market in 2 or 3 years and building a new bigger home at that time. It's scary and exciting. Good luck!

  9. Happy 2months to Claire!! My husband and I are closing on our house on September 14th and we are already taking about what we want to change, the kitchen has to be bigger, we need a tub in the bathroom(not smart buying a house without a tub with a toddler, I know, I know). If you can have a house built the way you want the first time around, I say go for it and good luck!!

  10. Congrats on the new-home journey! We had those same trade-offs when searching for our new house last year, and opted for the big, flat yard (perfect for a toddler!) over the gorgeous cliff face yard with a view (um, I think even dangerous for me in heels after a beer or two). Happy Chik-fil-A day! I never knew what I was missing out on living in California. I don't think Parker ever leaves there empty handed (balloons, little cow stuffed animals, stickers). They are THE BEST 🙂

  11. congratulations on your future move! we just sold our house/purchased our dream 'lot', so despite claiming we would never go through the hassle of a new construction, here we are 😉 good luck to you, can't wait to follow along and see what you decide on!

    AND the game day shirts are absolutely adorable, my little man may just have to have one!

  12. When did Eloise get so big?! She looks so much older!

    I hope you get a house that you love even more than you love your current one, whether you buy one of build one. Good luck! 😉

  13. Best of luck in your house selling & buying/building! We have our house on the market too and I'm excited to see what happens!
    I'm SO glad it's September! Yay for fall & football! Eloise is adorable in her pig tails!

  14. I'm so happy somebody else out there considers the beginning of September to be fall, or maybe we are just overly excited for some boots and all things apples and cinnamon. Congratulations and good luck with putting your house on the market! We are putting ours on the market in a couple weeks, such a process, right? As always, your girls are darling and I love those shirts!

  15. We are in the process of a new build. We are so excited for a new home, but it is a long and stressful project. We're already 3 months in, 2 months behind, and have another 6 months before we close. If you choose to build, make sure you have back-up housing available if your current home sells before your new home is done. Goods luck!


  16. Congrats on putting your house on the market! That's so exciting. The prospect of new beginnings always makes me giddy 😛 Can't believe Claire is 2 months old. Where is the time going?!

  17. I know you probably hear it 101 times a day, but your girls are so, so cute. Congrats on the big decision to move!! We just went through the house buying process… Two months after our offer being accepted and three closing dates, we finally closed on the perfect home for us. Can't wait to read all about your house buying experience with three littles!!


  18. What! Noo! I love your house! haha how exciting!! I'm happy for you! I'm sure that whatever you find you'll make it beautiful and you'll build beautiful new memories there. That pic for Eloise is the sweetest. She's such a gorgeous little lady! Good luck on your search!

  19. Hubs and I built a house six years ago and we adore it! A lot of people told us how stressful it would be to build, but it was easy peasy and we had a great experience! We were able to get exactly what we wanted, and we didn't have to compromise anything. I say go for it, girl!!

    On a side note, I'm about to order one of the adult Game Day tees as well as one for my little, but I'm wondering how the sizing is for the adult shirts? I'm assuming I would be a small, but I just don't know… what size is yours?

  20. Love these sweet pictures and Eloise's hair is so long! We just put our house in Orlando on the market so we will be on the house hunt in Denver soon! This will just make for some more great decorating and design posts from you 🙂 Happy almost fall and looking forward to all the fall posts, can't wait!!

  21. I have been following your blog for years now and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Good luck with your move. I was a little sad to hear as I love the pictures you post of your home. That backyard is everything- so relaxing; looking forward to pics of the new home!

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