From Two to Three.

We are just over a month into having three kids, and I think I may have already mentioned a few times HOW FREAKING INSANE IT IS. And it may not even be the number of kids so much as their age difference, so please do not let me scare you, but it has been hard. I used to think being outnumbered with two kids was hard, but having your hands/arms outnumbered takes the cake. At any given time, I have Claire in one arm, Eloise on my hip & am still trying to fumble through helping Harper get her shoes on or braiding her hair. There are so many times throughout the day that I feel like I am on the brink of tears feeling like I can’t do it, like as soon as I sit down to nurse Claire and all hell breaks loose between the other girls as they fight over a single sticker or both decide that they are hangry and really wanted their lunch before they even ate breakfast. Lots of deep breaths & hugging it out! I can honestly say, it has gotten easier each day as we come upon a routine & navigate this new territory, but we are not out of the trenches just yet.

But you know what they say, hands full, hearts full! 😉

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So, here are a few of my tips for keeping (just a sliver of) my sanity. I apologize in advance for this being so lengthy, just want to give as many details as I can. And please remember, I am by no means an expert or even a seasoned professional, this is just what works for us & all I can hope is that something here may help just one of you get through a crazy day.
1. Make your bedroom (your hiding spot) your oasis. Make it off limits to your older kids as much as possible, so they don’t bring the mess, the toys, the chaos into your space (minus morning snuggles in your bed, because those are a must!) This might sound silly but, the rest of the house quickly becomes a zoo, so just keeping this one spot in the house clean & relaxing makes a huge difference for me. Do everything you can to keep all of the stress out of this room, fold your laundry somewhere else, don’t bring your laptop or work into the room, just let it be a place to relax & sleep.
2. Meal prep & planning. This is a big one, and I won’t go into a ton of detail because there are so many amazing resources on pinterest or other blogs dedicated to this topic, but this is a must. We do it on Sunday afternoons when the kids are napping, we open a bottle of wine or crack a beer, and just get to work. We wash and cut up all of our fruits/veggies to put in ready-to-serve containers, cut up meat for the week & cook any meals that I can ahead of time & throw them in the freezer. It is significantly less work to just do it all at once, and have a ton of pans on the stove or going in the oven, than to do them individually each night. Some obvious freezer meal options are lasagna, casseroles, soups & our favorite, breakfast burritos. I sometimes cook a few pounds of chicken breast in the crockpot on Sundays to make shredded chicken for the week, which can easily be thrown into quesadillas for the girls for lunch, or made into chicken salad or chicken tacos. I am also not above giving the girls lunchables or freezer waffles on occasion, because that is real life & anything is better than cooking elaborate dinners with three kids during witching hour.
3. Don’t be afraid to get a babysitter or accept help. I started having a babysitter two days a week, for three hours, a few weeks before Claire was born & although it wasn’t much, it was life changing. Being pregnant, and it being SO hot outside, it was becoming such a struggle to run errands, and on the weekends we wanted to spend our time all together, so we got a babysitter. I take Claire with me now since I am nursing, but it is still a relief to get out of the house during the week when that may not always be an option with all three kids. Making a quick coffee run before going to the grocery store, going to the post office or taking Claire to the doctor can be a relaxing morning instead of something completely chaotic, like it would be if I took them all. We also have my parents here who have been a huge help. We didn’t have family nearby when Harper or Eloise were babies so this is new for us & we are very grateful for all that they do, even if they just swing by for half an hour after work while I cook or clean. It also reminds me that every little bit helps, so for my friends that are new moms or have young kids at home, I will always offer to pick up things for them at Publix or grab them a coffee (or a bottle of wine) while I am out.
4. Divide & conquer. In the early days of adding another baby to the family, Brandon & I sometimes feel like single parents. I am usually in charge of the newborn & he the older kid(s). We did this when Eloise was born & it worked well, so it is our strategy again this time. He takes Harper & Eloise to the park, while I grocery shop or stay home to do housework with Claire. He sleeps in the guest room with the baby monitor on Harper & Eloise (who both wake up randomly throughout the night for various reasons) while I sleep in our room with Claire, who is currently sleeping next to our bed in a Halo Bassinet. We both get much more sleep than if we were both waking up to all three kids. While we do want to spend as much time together as a family, it is sometimes just easier to split up tasks & kids until they are all on a similar schedule & the baby adjusts to sleeping a bit longer at night.
5. Make time for each kid individually. This isn’t so much for sanity as it is for your heart 🙂 I always feel like we all have a much better day if we can all get a little one on one time with each other. And it may seem impossible so you might have to get a little creative. Sometimes Harper will take a shower with me in the morning & then I am able to give Eloise a bath by herself at night. Kids are so much sweeter when they aren’t trying to compete for attention, so it’s a little more relaxing & gives them a little space from each other.
It’s one of those things where you don’t realize how easy one kid was until you had your second, and you don’t realize how easy two kids was until you have your third. So I know those of you with three or more are probably laughing at me right now, and rightfully so. I hope to look back and laugh at my self in this season of life one day as well. I hope some of you found this helpful, and please be sure to share any tips or tricks that you have for getting through the day, I would love to hear them!!

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  1. Love your insight and tips/tricks. Just like I love reading other peoples schedules (weird? I guess), I love reading about how people manage the chaos of their lives. Kudos to you!

  2. When I had my 3rd baby November 2013 I went through the same thing. It was a HUGE adjustment going from 2 to 3 and I was homeschooling my 7 year old and I had a 2 year old. I felt like it would never all come together but about six months after she was born everything just fell into place and it all seemed so natural. You will get there just hang on. I'm due in October with my 4th 🙂 Also I love love love your dress in this post. Where is it from? if you want to follow! I love your blog it's one of my favorites ever!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm about to have three in two months and this was way helpful. I have a question about what you do with their car seat situation. I'm guessing the newborn and Eloise in the captain seats, and Harper in the back row in the middle? Is it hard to climb back there to get her strapped in? So silly but such a concern of mine to have to do all that each time we want to leave the house – lol!

  4. Yes, this is definitely one of the hardest parts! We have Eloise & Claire in the captains chairs, Eloise is behind the drivers seat & is rear facing. I push the passenger seat as far forward as it can go, then Claire's seat as far forward as well so it is almost touching the passenger seat, which gives me enough room to climb in & buckle Harper in who is in the third row on that side as well. In our third row, only her seat is up, the other two seats are down, so she can also climb in through the back & I can buckle her from there as well, it's just a matter of getting the other two girls in the car first. But, once Eloise is forward facing, my plan is to put both girls in the third row together & then take out one of the captains chairs so there is plenty of space for me to get in and buckle everyone. Only a year to go! 😉 Good luck, this is definitely one of the hardest parts when it is so dang hot outside!!

  5. I love that you are so honest. I only have one and it's exhausting. I try to run all my errands while she's napping because otherwise she wants to get into everything. I love the idea of picking up extra things for other busy moms. My neighbor is pregnant with her second now and I was think of ways I would be able to help her out after she has her baby!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  6. This is why I absolutely love your blog and have been reading since the beginning! While I love all of the adorable photos of your sweet girls, I also love how you tell it like it is. Your blog is so real, encouraging, and fun! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jessica, you're doing SUCH A GREAT JOB!!! I know it's so hard, but you and Brandon are totally capable and loving parents. I love reading your stories. XOXO

  8. Thank you for posting this!!! I have a 2 1/2 yr old, 14 month old, and about to have #3 (totally not planned). But I'm stressing out about having 3 kids. These tips are just what I needed to hear. Thanks for keeping it real!

  9. how does claire like the bassinet? we cannot get our little one (1month old) to sleep in the bassinet. she literally hates it. i feel she is too young too start sleeping in the crib right now. any suggestions? also during the day how do naps work with claire? is she a good napper?

  10. I absolutely LOVE this picture of your family! The girls look adorable, you look so in love with them and your husband admires you! 🙂

    Quick question:what does your hubby do for work? I don't want to seem like a weirdo by asking or anything (:

  11. If you are having trouble with the older girls when you are trying to feed the baby you may want to consider getting them each their own little rug or space to be and a special toy or activity that they can only do while you are feeding the baby.

  12. This was really sweet Jessica; I love how honest you are with myself and with everyone else. Are you and Brandon planning on having anymore beautiful babies, or is three your stopping point?

  13. I love this. Great tips! I have found that doing "5 minute pick ups" throughout the day helps me not feel like my life is spiraling out of control. If I start to feel frazzled, I stop what I'm doing and just take 5 minutes ONLY to walk around and straighten up – put away some forgotten about projects or toys, carry my folded laundry to the closet, take dishes to the sink, etc. It helps me so much to not let things get TOO out of control before my the kids are sleeping or my husband is home and can play with the boys while I clean! Haha.

    Also – alone time with each kid is so important. Porter has adjusted so well to his brother because we do things with him alone, as often as we can! So good!

  14. hey! quick tip that saves my family TONS of time and is delicious too!
    marinate tons of chicken breast (we usually buy the huge package at costco!) then cook it all at once (either grill, stove top etc,) once it all cools down cut it up into strips for salads, etc or leave the pieces whole and throw it into freezer bags and put it in the freezer. freeze the chicken right away (so that it doesn't get that nasty "chicken taste" that i notice it would normally get when put in the fridge 🙂

    to defrost i normally throw it in a convection oven at 350 till its just heated up, or i make sautéed peppers and onions then throw the cut up strips into the pan till they heat up! or for a salad you can just defrost the chicken in the fridge right on top of the salad!

    it is really good! i was hestiant at first to freeze cooked chicken, but it is delicious and you would never know it was frozen! big time saver especially for dinner during the week/healthy lunches!

    your doing a wonderful job! i think many of us envy you as a mother! 🙂

    – ashley

  15. Your honesty is raw and refreshing! I can tell you're trying to look at the glass half full but are interested in being real that it's just tough. My two younger siblings and I are only 3.5 years apart total, and we are all BFFs now. I'm so so so so thankful that my parents gave me the gift of close siblings. You're a beautiful and wonderful mama, and I just love your site.

  16. I only have one toddler right now, and even though I long for another baby, I'm scared to death to change things up. But I know deep down in my heart that another little soul is waiting to be born into our family. Thanks for making it seem realistically possible. I just adore all of your tips and honesty (and style too). 😉

  17. Are you my hero…love these posts! Are you still working p/t? I can't imagine it but wouldn't be surprised if you were! I swear life is so crazy with two…but we think about three all the time! Yikes! We'll have to see!

  18. I just had my third as well so I have a 3 year old, 1 1/2 year old and newborn (almost the same as you!) Definitely is different with three and harder to get out of the house. Going out to the store or to run errands you just pray the newborn will sleep the entire time haha I know it will get easier as each of the kids gets older…you're doing a good job mama!

  19. All great ideas! I have 3 littles as well 🙂 I have two boys, 3.5 and 2 and a girl who is 5.5 months. The age difference is definitely the hard part. My boys either love one another or really hate each other and ALWAYS want to eat when I nurse baby girl. I have had to put a lock on the fridge because the 20 half eaten strawberries on the couch was not a fun cleanup. My baby girl has been colicky since about 3 weeks of age. It has tried my patience in more ways then I ever thought. I have dropped the ball a few times when it comes to paying the bills on time, probably because I never seem to know what day of the week it is 🙂 Anything I can do in advance like meal planning and online bill pay seem to help out a lot. And we almost always go for a car ride today survive the witching hour. This mothering gig is no joke but it is well worth it!

  20. The first tip (and the one that applies to me the most right now since I only have Elliot right now) is an excellent idea! Well actually the meal planning one too. We've made it a habit to have a Sunday crockpot dinner and lunch for Monday and prepping a few meals for the week. I also focus on 30 minute meals if I didn't prep and that works out good as well. Jack and I always say how hard it is with ONE kid you probably think I'm crazy for even thinking that!! What a great family picture. 🙂

  21. You so got this! Sometimes all you can do is put your head down and power through! I currently only have one and sometimes feel overwhelmed! Your girls won't remember the times you felt completely lost, they'll just remember all the love and fun they had!

  22. Sometimes I feel like it's overwhelming with just one, if that makes you feel any better! 😉 Thank you for always being real and not sugar-coating things! I love your tips and have found a few of these things to be helpful, even with just my one. 🙂

  23. Thank you so much for your tips. Your routine sounds much like ours. We have three girls as well, rhe youngest is 4 months a 2 yr old and a 6 yr old. It gets crazy!
    Tip #1 is an amazing idea! I have to admit i did not think of it at all.

    I love your blog, you are the reason why we got a sienna, and let me tell you how thankful I am! Best idea ever!

    Nursing time was definitely the hardest for us too, they all decided to scream and hurt each other as soon as the baby latched on. I put together a basket full of toys, books and a snack, and I called it the "baby feeding box". So every time i sit down to nurse the baby, they run to get their box, sit on the couch next to me and read and snack away!

  24. This is a wonderful post! Thank you for the advice. You are doing great. It is NOT weird that you sleep in separate rooms. Ignore negative comments. You do what you have to, to survive. My hubby had to sleep in a separate room for a month while our daughter woke up in the night. He is a doctor and I am a SAHM and he can not afford to go to work with no sleep, I how ever can nap to make up for it. It just would not be safe to his patients at the hospital for him to work with no sleep. Y'all are great parents. I would love to hear advice on what toddler car-seat you use if you do a post about that in the future. I am nervous about that transition with my daughter. Take Care Garvin Family! I wish I lived close to you, I would offer to bring y'all dinner to help take a load off. Xoxo- Lara Novosad

  25. Thank you for this post! I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2 and have an almost 2 year old as well. Our toddler seems to be entering the terrible twos and has been acting out soo much lately that many days I just cry and wonder how I will ever survive with two! Which makes me so sad, because I feel like I can hardly be excited about this little one in my belly! Anyway, your tips are great and I will try to remember them as we enter this new phase of life! Thanks again!

  26. I actually laughed at how similar this story is to mine! I just had our third 5 weeks ago, so now I have 3 under 3 which is all kinds of crazy. My kids have pretty much been naked for a month now. To be honest I had a hard time learning to love it at first because it was just so much work. The only kid allowed in our bedroom is the babe, and my husband actually sleeps in our guest room too. At first we felt all sad and weird about it but we were actually talking the other day about how much it has changed our lives that we are actually getting decent sleep. Everyone says I should enjoy it while they're still so young but its been really hard, and I had to get a C-section with my youngest which has been more difficult to adjust to than I thought. One thing that has helped me is having my older two kids leave the house with a babysitter, or my mom/mom in law if they are available. It is so nice to just walk around my house without having the ankle-biters around for a couple of hours. I have even let my mom take the babe for a couple hours while I just sleep. I think its made me a better mom and wife. I recommend it, if your comfortable with it of course, but it has seriously saved my sanity. Good luck!

  27. Love this post. Thank you for always being so real and honest and sharing all kinds of advice 🙂 I will definitely refer back to this once we have our second (& third, etc.).

    And I also can't wait for Claire's nursery post 😉

  28. Omg I just came into my room to escape after a long day dealing with a tiny tyrant (just one, I can't even imagine 3 after days like today), and was cursing under my breath how many toys are all over my bedroom floor. Why have I never thought of number 1. I'm so implementing this rule of keeping toys out of our room! Thanks for sharing. You are doing a great job mama! ?

  29. Excellent tips! It sounds like you have everything under control a lot better than you probably think you do. And hang in there, Momma! In a few short years those babies will be totally independent and then you'll be wishing for another squishy newborn to love on!

  30. This was SO helpful! We just had our third on July 5th and it has been a crazy transition! Our now middle child (2 years old) is having a really tough time not being the "baby" anymore and our 4 year old has been extra naughty! I feel bad that I'm literally counting down the days til he goes back to preschool! So thanks 🙂 I love your blog!!!

  31. I love that you are being so real about the fact that this isn't easy but you guys are making it work the best possible way. I especially loved the part about you guys sleeping in different rooms because my hubs and I totally did that when Milly was born. I would sleep on the couch because I couldn't sleep through all her noises, and that was the only way I actually was able to get some sleep, and he would bring her to me for feedings. This is survival mode, and you guys are doing GREAT!!!

  32. Hey mama! Fellow mom of three girls, (Mine are 4,3, and 21 months) so I completely understand this! People have no idea what it's like jumping from 2 to 3. It's almost pointless to talk about it because, NO ONE GETS IT! Ha, once Claire sits up, and starts to play with them it's so much fun. I'm glad to hear that Claire is all about nursing! My third was so much better at it than my other two. My only advice as I'm a year away from where you're at now, ain't nothing wrong with Netflix. Like all day if you have to, all. day. Love to you!

  33. Hi! I love love your blog. Just had my second baby and was wondering how you're doing after a c-section? That has been the hardest for me; wanting to pick up my 20 month old and hold her but worrying about the scar not closing… So just wondering how you do it?
    Thank you so much for being so open and honest, it's wonderful!

  34. Jessica, you can write as long as you want. I love long posts and it seems therapeutic for you as well. You got this! I feel frazzled with two 21 and 8 months but feel my heart bursting thinking about a third. In a good way! Also, once August comes I wonder if you're smiling too about Halloween and the holidays. Cannot wait for those posts! Maybe this year you could post more of your decorations and your Christmas tree, maybe a how to prep of your for these thinga. If that is not too invasive.

  35. You are still husband and wife sleeping in separate rooms. These things pass. It's like driving the kid around in the car to fall asleep. Weird, yes, but if it works, why not?

  36. My tip is to lower your standards! Lol. Like you said, it's survival mode. So if the kids are living, breathing & happy but the house looks like a tornado came through…well that's ok. I had to let go of a looot of stress about keeping the house clean when we had kids.

    It's hard, but it's worth it!


  37. I love when you blog about these kinds of topics! And I love that despite all the crazy moments, you still find time to blog (something I struggle doing with only one). I always find myself going back to your past posts and reading things you did with Harper around the age of my daughter (she is 18 months and born in February also).

  38. Thank you for this post. Thank you for keeping it real and for all the fabulous advice.
    I am freaking out a bit, I am pregnant with baby boy number 2 (due November) and my oldest just turned 2 last week.
    You are amazing doing it with 3. I take my hat off to you.

    I love the family photo, Brandon looks so in love with you!!!! Such a gorgeous picture.

    So obsessed with your blog!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life.

  39. Enough sleep is essential 🙂 I would go along with any arrangement, as long as I got my sleep… And I`m only the mother of two 🙂

  40. I have a two year old and just had twins at the end of June. It's a total shitshow but I actually think it would be a lot harder to have three at different ages versus twin babies. I'm sure it's crazy any way you shake it. Nothing a little daytime caffeine and evening wine can't fix. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms and divide and conquer too. It feels so strange but it seems like the only way for everyone to keep sane. Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one doing what feels super crazy at times!

  41. We have just one (but would love another) and the Halo bassinet was such a lifesaver! As a c-section momma too, it was so nice to have her close and within easy and comfortable reach.

    Hang in there, momma!!


  42. Your are beautiful! I know you get this so many times but I mean it. This last post you made me cry. You give me hope, you give me style and you give me something that makes me feel good and happy. I have a boy and a girl very close to your age kids and it is amazing all the feelings we share. Please keep it up. You are a great inspiration!!!

  43. You have probably done this before (maybe a few times)… But would you mind posting about your dinners and prep? Or put a link back to those posts?
    What you prep for the week? Same thing every week? What are your dinner menus? Each week or two?
    Thank you! I love the blog!!

  44. Yay! I have been waiting for this post lol. I just found out surprise number three! Like I was still on birth control and nursing but surprise! I am due in March and am just a tad nervous as my oldest will be 3.5 and my second will be 17 months. It's so hard when they are this young. Sometimes I think "why aren't you enjoying every moment?" But then someone throws a tantrum and I'm like "oh yeah cause it's hard work!" Thanks for throwing up the good with the bad and I've heard that once you have three you can handle any!

  45. Have you tried something like a portable sleeper? Fisher Price makes one, I think it's called the Rock & Play Sleeper?? It keeps them in a reclined position rather than laying on something completely flat like in a bassinet, and it's made of really soft materials so it's cozy. My daughter slept in hers right beside my bed for at least 2-3 months.

  46. This is such great advice! While I only have one right now, I'm not sure if we will be adding a number two, but I think this is great advice for any number of kids. Sometimes things can be so chaotic with working, trying to run the house, and have just one kid, so I appreciate the realness and the honestly and the help that this post gives! You're doing a great job mama and you can see the love you all have for each other in that gorgeous picture!

  47. I hope your brush comments like these aside. Even though props to you for allowing it to be published. And also so glad other mamas have your back. I thought of replying to this but knew my (not so) inner bitch would come out 🙂 I like the openness of your posts and realistic survival tips as we are thinking of having a third.

  48. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully, thanks for sharing all these tips!! I only have one babe right now, but all these things will come in handy some day. Great idea to sleep in separate bedrooms for right now; divide and conquer. I know you probably don't even have the time to read these comments let alone respond, but I would love to know where your dress is from in this photo!

  49. #1 & #5 for sure. Total life changers.
    Also, yes, you will look back and laugh a few years from now when your "problems" are different, but, I'll tell you what: when you have #4, you will be here all over again. It's just freaking crazy. That's the honest truth. Having kids is chaotic– awesome, wonderful, fabulous, all sorts of positive adjectives too, yes!–, but also chaotic. It is a thousand times easier when you have an older child ("rent" one from a friend if you have one!), but that's still only for a few hours a day, so I know it doesn't change too much.

    I have a 9 year old (that I homeschool which adds another layer of hell onto an already chaotic existence), a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and an 8 month bump and,
    (a) life is waaaay easier when our 9 year old is here because even though it isn't like a babysitter where I can leave the house, I can at least get an hour of (relative) quiet to do things like change the sheets;
    (b) I often forgo leaving the house for days because I can't bear the thought of having to gather the troops to go;
    (c) only my husband and I are allowed in our bedroom and bathroom because I like having a mind;
    (d) the thought of adding another level of crazy to our current level of crazy with another baby in 2 months almost makes me… well, crazy. 😉

    Mom's of multiple littles: unite! It's all we can do to encourage each other. I keep hearing Dariys Rucker singing It Won't Be Like This For Long every time I think I may lose it… I know he's right, but the days sometimes sure are long!

  50. Thank you for being so open and real! I always wonder how moms are REALLY doing it with three or more kiddos! I have two but go back and forth on having a third 😉 I know it's a huge blessing but it's also good to know what you're getting yourself into! What I do know is that it will get easier, and I know you know that! Love your blog and have been following for a long time! Blessings on your sweet family <3

  51. That's the only thing you have to say? Sounds like you're an anonymous coward. And you probably don't have kids.

    Anyway my husband and I are planning to do this with our second – at least one of us can get a full night of sleep and it should be him since he has to go to work every day. You've got to be flexible and logical when it comes to newborns!

  52. Love the advice! What I would do for a babysitter!! Good for you! I wrote a 'we're still alive' post after my third a few weeks ago, it's totally survival mode. Three things we NEVER run out of: Coffee, Wine, and Cheese sticks – Keeps everyone happy. Best of luck and enjoy it!!

  53. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm expecting my second and with my little guy only being 9 months old, I've been so nervous about how hectic life is going to get. Your blog is so inspirational and seeing how well you're handling 3 gives me hope 🙂 I also decided to start my own blog after reading yours for so long. It's been a great outlet for me to get creative and to "vent" and get all my thoughts down!

    -Lauren Staas,

  54. Thanks for this post! #2 isn't even on the way yet, but we'd like 3 (or 4. Depends how much wine we've had when it comes up haha) and it's intimidating! You seem to handle it with such grace, it gives me hope!

    (Also, new reader here, your girls' names are so lovely!)

  55. Ummm, a lot of people do that…? Makes things way easier for mom. We're planning on doing that with #2, and have friends that do that now. They still sort of go to bed together (read, talk, and unwind in their bed) and then since dad is a light sleeper, and baby still needs help latching, if he has an early morning he actually sleeps for the night in the guest room.

  56. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has hubby sleep in guest room while I get the baby in our room. Also the baby sitter bit is GENIUS!! We will probably do mothers morning out with our 3 year old this Fall but if we ever add a 3rd kiddo you can bet I will be getting a baby sitter so that mama can have some sanity back 😉 #thestruggleisREAL

  57. I have a 27 month old daughter and a 10 month old son. We are currently trying for our 3rd. My first 2 were cesarean so the 3rd will be also. I was curious of any tips you, or any others here, have for avoiding lifting and such with the older kids during the 6 week recovery from the c-section.
    Jessica, I've been following you since Harper. You and your family are beautiful. You are such a great Mamma inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to and always enjoy your posts. You rock!

  58. This has been a concern of mine as well! I have a friend with one year old twins and she's due in December with their third. She decided to take a captains chair out and put two in the back and the newborn in the front. That way there is a lot more room to get in and out. It might be easier, but I don't know…I'm still at 2 babies. 🙂

  59. We had our third last summer and oh how I can relate to this post! At the time Nathan was born, Calvin was almost 2 and Hanna Mae had just turned 4. There were lots of tears and the hardest was when I was trying to nurse the baby and the other two were bickering with each other to no end! I vividly remember feeling so guilty that here I was, finally able to be home with all my kids for a while (I work full time) and yet I was so frustrated, frazzled and found no joy in it! I wish I could have had this post back then! I would have tried to implement your suggestions, particularly the make-ahead meals. I still struggle to make that a reality! All that to say, it does get better with time, and it sounds like you have some really great strategies in place to get through the trenches! Sending prayers your way! There's a lady I follow on Instagram that is so inspiring. She's an artist and a mother of 6 homeschooled boys. So much beautiful wisdom in her posts! She goes by the name gracelaced.

  60. I think it's awesome that other than one comment (not sleeping in the same room together), every post is supportive and positive! I HATE mommy wars and it's so refreshing to hear great comments. I have two kids. With the first I barely got any sleep because I spent so much time in her room with her after she wasn't sleeping in a playpen in our room. So for the second baby we decided that my husband would sleep in the spare room and I used one of those co-sleeper things with my baby in our bed. It was significantly better for everyone. It was just a few months and everyone was happier. My husband took care of our 3 year old when she was up in the night and put her to bed. It worked very well for us.

  61. I had three, but with a tiny bit more spacing and two were boys, which might have made a difference. It sounds like you're doing a great job, and they'll be such friends later the spacing will be worth the exhaustion and effort. I'm glad you know that now, even exhausted. 🙂

  62. You are such an inspiration Mama!! We have an almost 15 month old daughter and sometimes daily life becomes like ground hog day; between the messes, the toddler tantrums, the handprints all over your freshly cleaned mirrors, ect., and that is just with ONE..I know eventually we are going to add to our family and I just appreciate how real you are, how honest you are! I have been a follower of your blog forever and I just the love the love you have for your kiddos and how open you are about "real life!!" Thank you for your posts and for letting us all know we are not alone!! Cheers to you!!

  63. I just wanted to say.. I loved this post. I actually sent to to my husband to read, b/c we have a 16 month old and are expecting twins in October! So we will be going from 1 to 3, and we are a bit overwhelmed. So thanks for sharing!

  64. Hi Jessica… Thank you for this post! As you can see I am a little behind on reading it because I have a 2 year old and 4.5 month old twins..all girls. Most of the time I feel like I am losing my mind! It was insane going from one to three and just when I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it, something else happens to throw a wrench in the mix! The babies finally started sleeping through the night and we got my 2 year old in a bed and then the babies got a stomach virus and started going through a growth spurt. Meanwhile my older daughter decided she needed to be up various times during the night screaming! Good times! Thank god for my husband (we are both teachers so we are off for the summer)… I seriously don't know how you do it alone during the day. Anyway it's refreshing to read a post like this where things aren't always rainbows and butterflies because we all have these real life issues. I appreciate your honesty!!! Keep up the good work. Krista

  65. I've been a follower since you were about 15 weeks pregnant with Harper! I just had my second baby (my first- Henley- just turned 2, and my newborn- Everly- born Christmas Eve) and have been feeling way over my head. I decided to read back through your old posts to see if there was any advise you gave. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this post because it was exactly what I needed. I totally feel like a single parent right now because my toddler has decided to stop sleeping through the night and of course my newborn is nowhere near that yet. So my husband goes to the guest room with my older girl and I stay in our room. You are so right, you never knew how easy one was until you had two! I can't imagine 3 right now 🙂 Please tell me it gets easier?! I have huge mom guilt from not spending as much time with my oldest. She used to be a total mamas girl as I was the one who mostly cared for her. Now that there's a little sister, she has attached just as strongly to my husband. It breaks my heart and warms it at the same time.

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