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How is everyone doing? Just as it seems we are getting used to this laid back lifestyle of staying home, it seems like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, business are starting to open back up and good news is spreading like wildfire. Can you tell that I’m an eternal optimist over here?

Meanwhile, as we continue to stay home and live our best homebody lives, I thought I would put together a handful of my favorite things for staying at home, because we all need a super cozy Let’s Stay Home sweatshirt & a good faux tan right?

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

A few more things we are loving:

+ Sleeping in and slow mornings consisting of dinkytown and french toast.

+ A daily family workout (even if it is just walking to the local coffee shop or a quick online yoga class).

+ Having low expectations and even lower standards. Added stress or pressure is not welcome here.

+ Grade level workbooks for the kids on days that logging on their distance learning feels like too much work.

+ Afternoon cold brews with cold foam (we use skim milk or heavy whipping cream in the individual serve setting on this blender).

+ Movie nights way too often (current favorites are The Parent Trap, Honey I Shrunk The Kids & Evan Almighty).

+ Game nights: Uno, Spoons or Rack-O.

+ Writing down three things we are grateful for each day.

+ Our wine subscription. Clean wine, no added sugar or sulfites, and no hangover.

+ And trying new recipes!! Dying to make our own sourdough bread, have you tried it? Give me all your best tips and tricks!!

Hope you guys are surviving and finding silver linings in the current environment, I love you all so much and I am forever grateful for your readership!! Better days ahead, friends!!



  1. I ordered the Let’s Stay Home cozy sweatshirt when it was a pre-order and it’s going to be here Friday. I can’t wait!

  2. How do you like this diffuser? I bought a similar one at Target and after three days, the water barely went down. Do you feel this one works well?

  3. Please use the King Arthur sour starter and the NYT no-knead sourdough recipe. Fool-proof. Not as putzy as other recipes. Email me if you can’t find the recipe.

  4. We made sourdough English muffins twice with the starter we made this quarantine and they are ahhhhmazing! We cook them on the stove in a cast iron pan.

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