Three Kids is Like…

Six am wake up calls, two cups of coffee, one cup of milk spilled on a princess nightgown, another cup being shot put across the kitchen & endlessly nursing along the way. 
One baby in your arms, another on your hip, and a toddler yelling from the other room, “mooooom, I pooooooped!”
An episode of Mickey, a dance party & quick game of “let’s bring every single toy/pillow/blanket/object that isn’t nailed down to the entry way so we can build a boat.”
Trying to strap a screaming baby into a car seat while one toddler thinks their finger is a pacifier and is shoving it in the baby’s mouth, and the other toddler is all “I’m tickling you mama, tickle tickle you!!” with their razor sharp fingernails on the back of your neck.
Shoving an entire piece of room temperature frozen pizza into your mouth all at once because you know it will be a while before you make it back to your plate.

Reasoning with yourself about sweeping the floor because you’re already going to have to sweep again after the next meal, only to have your husband chime in with “well do we really need to bathe the kids because they’re already going to get dirty again tomorrow.” And you’re all “amen! high five! messes fo life!” But then you sweep and also bathe the kids.

Books, stories, songs, prayers & state of the union address before everyone is satisfied enough to go to bed.

Approximately seven hundred deep breaths & two glasses of wine. Six little arms to wrap around your neck in hugs, sloppy kisses times three & more snuggles than one can count. Chaos & love to the moon and back.

And I wasn’t kidding about building the boat. 
Happy almost Friday! XO

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  1. Looks like the very best kind of craziness. So much love!
    Today's my due date… and I can't wait to officially join the 3 under 4 club!

    (I'm also a little scared. Send wine.)

  2. I remember you saying a long time ago – "Mama said there'd be days like this" and it's SO true!! Amazing that you are capturing it so you can read back how chaotic life was when they are gone to college!! Keep up the good work we ALL wish we could do!!

  3. I love this post & the format it's written in! I can't imagine having 3, sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind with one. You are one strong, brave woman & I applaud you! xoxox precious babies!

  4. This is lovely and it give me so much appreciation for my own Mama and the three kiddos (including myself) she raised. Sending extra Mama patience your way!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm cracking up over here! Thank you for the Thursday afternoon laugh! I only have one kid and can't imagine the chaos with three. Good luck girl but it sounds like you're doing just perfect!

  6. Love it! I have four kiddos and can totally relate. I promise you will miss a bit of it when Harper heads to school and it gets a little quieter. Then you will consider home schooling-just until everyone is back home from school 😀 These first few months are always crazy whether they are fourteen months or four years apart. Keep taking those deep breaths.

  7. Um, whoa! But I've heard three is as hard as it gets! Which actually doesn't make sense, because I'm not sure how four would be easier, and having just one little guy myself I TOTALLY have no idea. Except for the procrastination in sweeping. Feel. You. There.

  8. I love this! I only have two but have a husband, two dogs, two goats and a horse on top of a full-time outside of the house job and this is what life feels like everyday. My only change would be "Do I need to sweep the floor, the dogs will get it!" and then I sweep! Oh and end up bathing a baby and a dog bc the dog rolled in something that smells horrid and wiped it all over the baby! Phew our work is hard and interesting and fun all at the same time!

  9. Oh my word…I so resonate with this, and I only have two! I just had my second, four months ago and I'm feeling balls deep in the chaos. I couldn't help but smile and giggle through every word, because every word is so ridiculously true. I can only imagine how much more nutty life would be with one more. And sadly, this post made me tear up because "imagining" what life would be like with one more is all I'm going to get to do. Sorry if this is "Debbie Downer" crap, but I'm feeling the need to vent. I so so so want a third baby. I have two girls (ages 3 and 4 months) and I would love another GIRL! Of course, I'd be lovin' all over a boy if that were the case. But the problem is, my husband and I fight and argue and just can't stand each other when our babies are…babies! With my first, we were like cats and dogs almost throughout her first year. Things were better during the second, and were finally close to happy (no relationship is perfect) before I got knocked up again and into the beginning of my pregnancy. I seriously feel like a single parent because of his lack of "help". I'm always the one to get up at night for feedings or ANYTHING else that both kids have ever needed. I'm sleep deprived. The house is always in constant chaos because I'm the only one who picks up ANYTHING off of the floor. Seriously. I've watched him step over the same Barbie doll in the middle of the freaking hall for a week! I left it there just to see if he'd grab it and NOPE! I do ALL of the EVERYTHING (cook, grocery shop, dishes, clean, laundry, dr appts, school, put down for naps and bedtime, read the stories, pay the bills…etc) and I get next to no help…and yes I've been VERY vocal about this before. I just get eye rolls and smirks and am ignored. He doesn't respect the daily routine I've set into place for both kids (keeps them up past bedtimes and nap times), and provokes tantrums from the 3 year old because she is used to our routine and he does EVERYTHING different than me (and knows this). ANYWAYS…after saying all of this, you probably think he's just awful. He's a good man and works hard to provide for us and loves his kids, this I know. But him and I are on such different pages when it comes to parenting (I'm more nurturing, patient and closer to the attachment style and he's just a hard ass, "because I said so" kinda dad). With our 4 month old now, we're back in the thick of it once again, arguing over the SAME SHIT we did with our first…while my plate is much fuller than before. We're not even sleeping in the same bed right now. I can't help but to doubt our chances at sticking this out with a 3rd. I'm surrounded by so many baby toys and items and clothes that we don't use anymore, and he keeps asking me when we're going to sell them to create more space. And it breaks my heart to part with them because I want a 3rd. I've always pictured myself having a large family (I have only one brother). So I've found myself very drawn, lately, to bloggers and posts that shed a little light on what family life with 3+ kids is like and I guess I'll just live vicariously through them (and you). Your family is gorgeous. Congrats on your littlest and latest addition. AND SO SORRY for this depressing comment! -Misty

  10. This cracks me up Jess! It's like you just wrote the perfect post for me. Sounds exactly like my household on repeat Every. Single. Day. Must be the ages! High five mama- your doing great 😉

  11. Ahh Misty! Right there with you. Not about the wanting a third, but I have 2 boys the same ages as your girls and my husband and I are exactly the same it sounds. We just don't jive when our kids are babies.

  12. Hey – not sure if you have time with 3 to read all ypur comments but I just found out we're expecting #3! Surprise. Oh how I forgot about the intense worry that goes hand in hand at least for me with pregnancy. Was not taking a prenatal or any sort of vitamin/folic acid and am now so nervous since it is so crucial this early on :*( Had you or any other moms been in this same boat with any of your beautiful girls?

  13. I could have posted this myself on my blog. Parenthood is the most glorious disaster. Cheers to the crazy days with little kids. I look forward to your posts every week, they always give me a smile and a laugh.

  14. I've read your blog start to finish and I love that you don't glamify mom life. Shit gets crazy, but it is what it is and you miss the kids the moment they're gone or asleep.

  15. Amen!!!! My 3 are 9, 5 & 1 so my perspective is slightly different (plus, the older 2 are boys) but with the unending chaos of picky eaters and soccer practice and homework and laundry and do this an don't do that comes so. much. joy. They are jerks and needy and selfish, but man are they smart and funny and sweet and loving and I wouldn't trade their hugs and laughter for anything:)

  16. This made me teary! So hilarious and sweet! I may be a tad bit preggo hormonal… I hope I can find ways to laugh at the chaos when my second arrives in a few months. Keep it up, amazing mama!

  17. I agree… Roomba is a godsend… I have 2 golden retrievers and a toddler and we set it to run everyday at 9… Doesn't replace vacuuming weekly but it does keep up throughout the busy week… You can also set it to a "section"' to clean up messy meals!! 🙂 you're doing great mama!!

  18. The Sanderson Sisters are hosting a party at Disney's- mickeys not so scary Halloween Party. Tickets on these special nights get you in from 4-midnight. Didn't know if you were interested.

  19. Oh man I just had daughter # 2, the frozen pizza was exactly me last night and the do they need baths? Dies the floor really need swept? Lol and writing this as I nurse and clean spit up haha.

  20. Sounds like you're rocking it:) I'll be in your shoes in February and you're talking me off the anxiety ledge one post at a time:) Keep it coming…..mine will most likely be 3 boys:) And in the rainiest part of the season here in the Pacific Northwest! 2 crazy toddlers inside with a baby! But you give me hope:)

  21. Prayer! It is the remedy for all things. I have three little ones, and though my husband is AMAZING today, that didn't come without many nights crying out to God, on my knees, for years, praying that God would "fix" my husband in ways that I couldn't because I simply wasn't meant to. By Gods Grace, Your husband will learn how to be the husband and father you deeply desire him to be. Give it a try mama, you have nothing to lose. Just know that I will be praying with you! ???

  22. I am on my third pregnancy in 3 years and haven't taken a prenatal in my last two pregnancies. I have one incredibly healthy 13 month old and am 8 months pregnant with quite a healthy baby. The baby takes what it needs from your body. The prenatal is more for restoring your body than the baby. In other words, your baby will be just fine. Don't let the medical field scare you.

  23. Congrats!!! You and the sweet babe will be just fine. Just start taking them now…this probably happens a lot more than you think and won't harm your baby. I rarely took them with my now 6 month old because they would make me puke and she's perfectly healthy :).

  24. Seriously, Best Post EVER! This is Mom life and anyone who thinks differently must not be a Mom. I loved this! Thanks for keeping it real but being positive! A Mama loves nothing more than her babies but it's not all perfect for anyone and I love that you let us see that about you too!

  25. This is by far the best post I've ever read on here. I've been following you since Harper was born and I always love reading your blog, but this one brought me to tears! Hands full, hearts full. You're doing an amazing job! With love from Australia! Xx

  26. This is by far the best post I've ever read on here. I've been following you since Harper was born and I always love reading your blog, but this one brought me to tears! Hands full, hearts full. You're doing an amazing job! With love from Australia! Xx

  27. The nail thing got me. Whyyyy Are they so sharp!!??? I think you captured the crazy and the beautiful really well. Just out of curiosity, how does your husband handle 3?

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