It’s been a little while since we’ve done one of these, so let’s dive right in to a few mom confessions, shall we? πŸ™‚

1. Lack of sleep is totally catching up with me, I find myself waking up already grumpy with the kids instead of in a good mood. Aside from a random night or two, Claire has been waking 2-3 times each night, with last night being the worst yet. I am so looking forward to her sleeping through the night so I can get back in the habit of dragging myself out of bed before everyone wakes up in the morning. A cup of coffee in a quiet house before everyone is bouncing off the walls does wonders!
2. I used the NoseFrida Snot Sucker on the girls this week with their colds, and although I was extremely skeptical (and maybe a little grossed out) by it at first, I think it just might be one of the best baby products ever.

3. I already hung our Christmas stockings. Fa la la la la!

4. I am over nursing. Cue the breastfeeding enthusiasts exiting the page now, but wait! I am not quitting πŸ™‚ I am just getting burnt out & admitting it. Claire is still eating every 3-4 hours and still refuses a bottle (aside from a few random times when she willingly took one, and we can’t figure out how to make it happen again). She is my little ball & chain, I love her, but it would be nice to be able to get out the door for a holiday party or upcoming weddings without having to nurse her before bed & have to hurry home in case she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night. I know, suck it up and stop whining right? K.
5. I splurged on a $28 candle this week and I’m not even mad about it, because have you ever walked into Anthropologie and wondered how/why/what makes that store smell soooo amazing? It is this scent, Capri Blue Volcano, and it is worth every. single. penny.
6. Eloise has started saying “yeah” instead of her enthusiastic yes, or “ass!” and we are really sad about it. Luckily, Harper still calls hummus “helmets” so we hope to be hanging on to that one a little bit longer.
7. We aren’t sure if we are going to move anymore, and I can’t decide if I am happy or sad about it. Long story short, we decided that building was actually not the best option for us, we felt like we were getting caught up in the excitement & new-ness of the opportunity, and were getting further and further away from our original reason of moving, which was to get a bigger yard for the kids and additional bedrooms. There is a lot more to it, which I will save for another post, but ultimately we are just trying to make the right decision and it is not easy. So for now, let’s just put up Christmas decorations!

8. Saving the best for last, I had to take the girls out the other night after dinner because we were out of our evening essentials, wine & milk. Brandon wasn’t home & we were in a rush because it was close to bedtime meltdowns so I hurried the kids out the door. After I buckled Claire into her carseat, I looked back and couldn’t help but die laughing when I realized what the girls were wearing. Harper had on a dress-up minnie mouse dress, two skirts & was wearing a cape as an apron. And Eloise was wearing Claire’s moose hat, no pants, and carrying a soccer ball. You guys, I cannot make this stuff up.

Sorry for the bad photo, it was dark. Have a confession? Do tell! πŸ˜‰
Happy Hump Day! XO


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  1. I love the NoseFrida! Weirded out a little by it, but love it! And don't be too hard on yourself, you are totally the mom I aspire to be (and I only have one little giving me a run for my money, I admire you wrangling three)!

  2. My youngest refused a bottle until she was 10 months old. It suuuuucked. And when she finally took the bottle, I got so excited that I quit BFing cold turkey and got a clogged duct so bad in one breast I actually thought it was going to explode. I totally understand where you're coming from. It IS draining, emotionally and physically. Hang in there, it won't last forever (although it feels like it right now).
    Great post, I love your honesty.

  3. I've always loved your humorous, yet honest take on the "hey this is why life is hard." I'm struggling with perpetual grumpyness now and nice to hear that there are other moms out there too!

  4. Thank you for this post. You have no idea how much I needed it today. To hear another mom be real and share that yes, its crazy for me as it is for you.:) the past month here has been hard. Thank you for the laughs. I appreciate your blog more than yoiu will ever know!

  5. These girls are too cute. Two things:

    1. I remember gagging when I read about how the Nose Frieda worked. Two kids later, I am the biggest fan.

    2. Our little guy has struggled mightily with a bottle. That caused some real issues when I went back to work, and we are constantly fighting to get some pounds on him. It is so stressful. He's making a little progress at daycare — but he'll only eat with one person! I end up cutting back on extra-curriculars because I know he needs to nurse to get milk. These babies. So smart and tricky.

  6. THESE are your posts I live for. Not that I don't love all the fun, light-hearted posts, and totally get why you prefer them…but these posts make me stress less about becoming a parent. Thank you so very much mama!

  7. Hi Jess,

    I love your blog and have been following it for years.
    I'll make this short and sweet. Your issue with Claire not taking a bottle…instead of trying bottles with nipple tops, have you tried a sippy cup top or a straw cup? My baby wouldn't (still won't) take a bottle either because when babies latch to you, they suck like they are sucking on a straw, so in reality, a straw cup or sippy cup is more like a real nipple to babies.
    Avent carries a starter sippy cup that looks like a bottle, but sippy cup top, no nipple. It's 4M+
    It's the ONLY "bottle" my baby will take. Maybe Claire will like that instead!

  8. Hi Jess,

    I love your blog and have been following it for years.
    I'll make this short and sweet. Your issue with Claire not taking a bottle…instead of trying bottles with nipple tops, have you tried a sippy cup top or a straw cup? My baby wouldn't (still won't) take a bottle either because when babies latch to you, they suck like they are sucking on a straw, so in reality, a straw cup or sippy cup is more like a real nipple to babies.
    Avent carries a starter sippy cup that looks like a bottle, but sippy cup top, no nipple. It's 4M+
    It's the ONLY "bottle" my baby will take. Maybe Claire will like that instead!

  9. Thank you for being honest about how sometimes nursing isn't all rainbows! I loved nursing my first but felt really burnt out a few month into nursing my second. I stuck it out but I'm not afraid to admit that I was grateful when she was weaned herself a little before a year. I feel like it's taboo to admit that it's hard to not be able to leave your baby for more than a few hours at a time because they need to nurse.

  10. I was just talking about sippy cups to our pediatrician, she said six months, but I guess I never realized there was one for younger! I will look into it, thanks so much!!!

  11. Love this post. I think everyone who has nursed or nurses can understand that feeling over being "over it". My LO is 8 months and also doesn't take a bottle. He loves nursing and its his comfort thing and I am so envious of some other moms that can go out at night and meet friends and have Dad put baby to bed. Yeah, not happening here but at least he is sleeping through the night.

  12. As a "breastfeeding enthusiast" I can assure you, you are amazing, and I will not be exiting your fun, and REAL blog! It's tough to have someone attached to you almost 24/7, especially when your two others seemed to take to the bottle ok. I just weaned my two year old son, but my two girls are older. I can't imagine the strength and determination it takes to nurse while you have two little kids to take care of as well! Xoxo!

  13. I love you called wine and milk your evening essentials. I totally get it. I went the store one evening and bought 1 gallon of milk, 2 boxes of diapers, 3 bottles of wine, and a six pack of beer. The check out lady smiled and said, "I've been there too."

  14. Motherhood is a rollercoaster with a million manic moments per day (scratch that, per second) and there isn't a mama, who is being honest with themselves, that will disagree. Our journey, as I see it, is a beautiful mess and shouldn't be filtered for the masses. I applause your honesty and appreciate it tenfold. Especially as I type this, my three year old is half naked, refusing clothing, because her free spirit is stuck in the bra burning era. She is holding a tampon, singing twinkle twinkle little star and aggressively rocking her three week old sister in her rocker, who is screaming bloody murder and probably wishing to get the hell off of this crazy ass ride. Somedays I question my choice to throw myself down the newborn rabbit hole again, as most Moms often do, but then there are those moments you look back on and remember why you are here, that and mostly because our sanity is sponsored by Costco sized bottles of wine. Thank you for being honest and for continuing to give us something to relate to!

  15. This is the best! That last photo is amazing, kids are so funny!! I loved the nosefrida, as gross as it is, at least there's a little filter? LOL

    I'm sorry to hear about the house but you have a beautiful home currently, I'm sure you'll do what's best for your family πŸ™‚ Building sounds so stressful, especially with three little ones!

  16. Ugh, I feel you on the "tethered" breastfeeding thing. I ep'ed for a year because my little guy couldn't latch (in retrospect: absolute insanity and would NOT do for that long again, because Mama needs to not lose her mind). Having to schedule my life around pumping every few hours made me want to cry sometimes because of turned down activities/invites/etc that would keep me from the milk production line.

    A little bit of formula here and there never killed anyone (and I'm totally all for bf'ing). One night here and there won't kill your bf'ing relationship.

    Do what you need to do to be a happy, whole, sane mama!

  17. Love this post! 1. I too am Over (with a capital O) nursing. My baby is 10 months and I would love to start weaning but she gets super upset anytime we try to slip in the tiniest amount of formula… 2. I also us tall urged on an anthro candle or 2 but got the Christmas one because I'm just so ready for the season. 3. My 3 yr old went to the ups store this morning in fleece one piece pajamas and hunter boots…

  18. Ohhhh the breastfeeding. Something magical happened at 4-5 months and suddenly I went from being SO DONE with it everyday to only feeling that way 5 days out of 7. Hahahaha, that seems horrible, but I swear it made a HUGE difference! So much so that at 15 months we're still at it – go figure. Wishing you more sleep, more cute baby phrases, and all of the anthopolgie-ness you can soak up. Currently on the drug known as B&BW "sweet cinnamon pumpkin" candles, but you know i just picked up "tis the season" and "winter" because fa-la-la-la-la.

  19. My daughter would never take a bottle either. It was mega-frustrating especially because I would pump for her at work and she wouldn't take a bottle while we were apart. She would just wait for me all day and nurse all night. At about 4 months old we introduced a straw sippy (apparently the sucking motion is similar to nursing), and she would drink a few oz that way. Good luck, some babies just hate bottles I guess!

  20. What perfect timing I woke up this morning and realized we did not have milk or eggs so I loaded up my two and one-year-old girls and headed to target. I also looked at them when we got out of the car and shook my head laughing. My oldest was wearing a Halloween pajama top Christmas pajama pants a sparkly tutu over her pants and a ridiculous princess crown not to mention the yogurt dried on her face. My youngest was wearing a pair of pants that are way too small, old Halloween costume as her shirt and major bed head. These are the days aren't they!? Thanks for making me laugh every week!

  21. I feel you on nursing/bottle refusal. My daughter was born 6/4 and she's eating ever 1.5 hours-3 hours during the day and at night and won't take a bottle consistently. It's really effing rough getting up with my toddler and not being in a shitty mood. I'm so over the exhaustion πŸ™ The nosefrida is amaze balls, I never thought I'd say that in my adult life.

  22. Cute post! Yay for hanging the Christmas stockings! πŸ™‚ And a big amen to a cup of coffee before the kiddos wake up! I've been a bit of a grump lately because my 2 year old has been waking up in the night out of the blue for a couple weeks now and we're clueless as to why :/ But I am grateful my chunk-a-monk 4 month old is at least snoozing. Love your blog and your honesty!

  23. Hey Jess! I am also nursing my second one (she's 8 months) & we like to call her a stage five clinger (we are wedding crashed fanatics!) anyways how long did your doctor say after having a drink u had to wait to nurse again we have a wedding this weekend and I want to have a blast & a good glass of wine but didn't know how long to wait before nursing! Sry weird question! Thanks Emily!

  24. You are not alone with nursing!! Neither of my kids (now 2 and a half and 6 months) would/will take a bottle. My husband is a Marine and I've been stressing out about the Marine Corps ball for months! We finally had a friend offer to just nurse him for me and it worked!! Nursing can definitely suck sometimes, but well worth it in the end!

  25. Love this post! I was given that candle as a gift a while ago and still burn it and get compliments all the time!! I tried putting my girls in the car to make a quick target run only to have my two year old tell me her stomach hurt and instead of puking in the car, we made the next right turn and headed back home. We have all been there with nursing! I am going through it now and did with my first daughter as well. It gets better!

  26. I use the nose frida on at least one of my children everyday…I really should get a picture when I try to explain to non-parents what it's all about. It's such a unique expression of complete disgust and confusion πŸ™‚ But its the best little tool ever! And my daughter wouldn't take a bottle unless we warmed the nipple, the milk was the *perfect* temperature AND I left the house…like out the door, down the street. took about a month of trying a few times a week for her to take it easily and any significant amount of it, but it worked and the thought of not being able to leave EVER made me crazy, so i totally get it…have you tried the MAM bottles. I never knew they existed but my daughter used MAM pacifiers and the nipples are shaped the same so it made her take it slightly more easily than other brands. andddd you didn't ask for advice, but there you have it:)

  27. Confession: I give my two and a half year-old a lollipop every day, just so I can have 15 minutes of quiet while she sucks that thing down like the world is ending. I love her to the moon, but sometimes I just want to be able to hear the voice in my own head for a minute. Sanity, sponsored by sugar πŸ™‚

  28. I am breastfeeding enthusiast, but I have had the same thought about being over it a time or two with my newest who is a little older than Claire. She won't take a bottle either and it can be hard. So don't feel alone or like you are judged. It is just plain hard sometimes – no way around it!

  29. I told my family I already had plans for a girls night so I couldn't make the family dinner… And told to girls I had a family dinner so I couldn't make girls night, all so I could stay home alone and drink wine in a bubble bath. No shame.

  30. love it!!!!!! I totally need to jump into the "wake up earlier than my kids and have coffee in silence" mode! My kids are up before me…and I have been waking up annoyed too! Just why why why don't my kids appreciate sleeping in a little? It would be a better world for all of us!

  31. Love, love, love this post. I can empathize with almost everything you wrote about, having a 2 year old and 6 month old myself. I totally understand the trip to the store for the evening essentials (i.e.: wine). Thanks for being honest and hilarious, and most importantly – giving a real life account of being a mom.

    As an aside, my 6 month old hates (and I mean really, really hates) taking a bottle too. The only one he will take begrudgingly is the Munchkin latch bottle. I'm sure you have tried a bunch but thought I would suggest it!

    Jen πŸ™‚

  32. Girl, I feel like you climbed in my head and wrote this post! My Lola is 6 months old and still getting up 2-3 times a night. I am still nursing … and so over it! I am a middle school teacher, so sleepless nights make me a zombie at school!!

    We are currently battling teething/cold snot … AMEN to the Frida! Although, I make my husband do it πŸ™‚ Just the thought makes me gag.

    I LOVE your honesty and can totally relate.Thank you for the laughs, as I sit here pumping!

  33. The Bali Sunrise scented candle at Target is a pretty good dupe for the Volcano (not nearly as pretty though).

    Also, my daughter refused a bottle, too. Totally sucks and NOTHING worked. I felt so much better and more relaxed about it when I finally gave up trying and resigned myself to being tethered to her.

  34. Our babies were born on the same day. I'm with you on the just being tired about breast feeding. Mine is still nursing every 3 hours consistently and just when I finally have all the post kid bedtime chores fine and am ready to sleep myself, she's up and ready to eat again. Stay strong!

  35. I hear ya with being over nursing and being so tired. But you are probably feeling it worse than me! I only have one kiddo! But he's one and at night. For your sake, I hope Claire starts sleeping longer stretches sooner than that. But good for you for sticking it out with breastfeeding! You're amazing. πŸ™‚

  36. Nursing is freakin' hard. I was blessed with a good nursing experience, but it was not all butterflies and rainbows! Good job for sticking with it! Those darn Anthro candles get me too! And the Nose Frida is AMAZING!. Disgusting, yes, but it's my baby shower gift! Thanks for the fun post! I love these confessions!

  37. I love this. I laughed out loud at the store comments because I sent my son in Mickey Christmas PJS and a Spiderman sweatshirt to daycare today, I didn't have the energy to argue it.

  38. Life! Isn't it great? And completely frustrating most of the time.
    Confession: my 4 yr old refuses to sleep by herself. She will fall asleep in her own bed but then always winds up in our bed every night. No matter how firm I am, threats, promise of treats, saying she is a "big girl", night lights, music, etc. Nothing. Still wakes up more than my 1 year old. Drives me CRAZY. I've tried everything and read every book. BUT, a small part of me loves that she is such a cuddl bug and I know it won't last forever. Just thinking about not having babies in the house made me tear up. So I decided to suck it up and deal with the sleeplessness, tantrums, fighting among each other, wanting the BLUE cup, not the RED cup, because this is my zoo and these are my monkeys! Solidarity in motherhood! It ain't for sissies!

  39. I called this "touched out" because your babe is always on you. We bf for 2 years, so there is def moments that you will feel it.

    Try having hubby give her a hottie when your not in the immediate vicinity or run a quick errand and see if that will work.

  40. I completely understand being over nursing, I hit that "I hate this, I'm being ruled by a tiny human" phase when my son was about 5 months old. But I stuck it out and he soon spaced out to about 5 hours and slept through the night and I felt like I was in charge of my body again, ended up making it to about 14 months before he weaned himself. All that to say that you can do it! …if you want to, no mommy guilt from this corner! Thanks for the laugh tonight!

  41. I love this. I'm kinda over nursing too πŸ™‚ Not stopping, but looking forward to having my body back for a bit before we have another baby. Haha.

    ALSO – I so appreciate your comment on my IG today. It's nice to know someone like you (with a blog I love and look to for inspiration) fights "mom brain", too. Lol. IT'S A REAL THING.

  42. Love the nose Frida. I feel ya on the breastfeeding and being exhausted with 2 older kids! 3 kids is no joke!
    My middle child never took a bottle so when my son who is 7 months started refusing, I splurged on the minbie bottle. It's now on amazon and is amazing!! The only bottle he takes! Good luck, you're an awesome mom, it's hard with no sleep. My 7 month old still gets up at least 2x a night.

  43. Love this post! I have 6 month old twin girls and an almost two year old girl…total chaos. The twins don't sleep, they alternate breastfeeding every hour day and night (feeling you on the exclusive breastfeeding), and I'm hanging by a thread. Sanity = coffee, wine, hiding in the bathroom, and Frozen 5 times a day

  44. I'm right there with you on the breastfeeding. My 5.5 month old always refused a bottle. I accepted the fact that she rather have me and this time will be over before I know it. Plus, I've haven't had to pump or wash bottles/parts so that's a bonus! At least Claire nurses every 3-4 hours…Joanna nurses every 1.5-2 hours still.

    As for Claire's sleep, maybe she's overtired and that's why she's waking so often. A couple of weeks ago, 3 nights in a row Joanna woke up at midnight and I FINALLY got her back to sleep at almost 3am. The next night she was up from 1-2:30am and then another night from 11pm-1am. Talk about exhausted! I also have a 2.5 year old daughter that wakes with the roosters. Joanna goes to bed at 6:30pm, but the days she gave me the longest nights, she was up from 1pm and wouldn't take a nap that afternoon. She was definitely overtired. If I can get her a catnap at 3:30 and let her sleep until 4-:4:30pm, she sleeps soooo much better at night. She still wakes around 3:30 am, but goes right back to sleep, wakes around 6am and goes back to sleep around 7/7:30am. Don't let Claire be awake for more than 2 hours before going to bed. So, if she goes to bed at 7:30pm, try letting her have a catnap from 5-5:30pm and see if that helps. I know its not easy to do with two other kiddos. My Vivian's naps are hit-or-miss and she doesn't understand 'quiet time.' I'll even drive around just to get her to take a short nap.

    Not sure if you've ever read Mommy Shorts, but here's her sleep training method from a sleep consultant. She's honest like you as well πŸ™‚

    Good luck and know you aren't alone, even though we feel like we are!!!!

  45. This picture is hilarious and sometimes and it is just so funny to pause for a second to appreciate the ridiculous/messy/unexpected situation and take a good laugh at it! It can't always be perfect, but any different would not be such a happy life. Love your blog, love your writing, please keep going, you're awesome!

  46. My daughter, Vivian, is about to turn one. She still doesn't sleep through the night, and I believe only takes a bottle bc she has to at day care. I feel you sister! She is about to turn one, and I am ready to separate, and then I am sad at the same time. Those mommymones are tough. Chin up. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. It is an inspiration!

  47. Great read as I sip my now cold coffee while my kiddos run the morning crazies off. The Nose Frida is my go to baby shower gift…true story, my 2yr old taught himself to blow his nose like a grown man because he despises the NF and knows mama will whip that thing out in a hot second. No advice on the bf but hang in there! I nursed my first until 14 months with no bottle, had a 4 month break (thank you, colostrum!) and have been nursing my second for 12 months…you guessed it, no bottle! Me and my (saggy) boobs are completely over it with you!

  48. i have a 12 week old. he's my third but the first that i've breastfed. and it sucks. not gonna lie. πŸ˜‰ i also pump and he takes the bottle or my nipple (but only with a shield, sigh) interchangeably (yay!). we were always big dr. brown's fans with my first two until i heard about the munchkin latch…it works more like the breast–they almost have to push in against the nipple to suck out–and so far he takes it great. maybe just a thought. πŸ™‚

  49. I totally remember breast feeding burnout. Its a HUGE commitment, even when you don't have two toddlers running around and demanding your attention. Its awesome you've decided to keep going. It's hard, but you'll be glad you did. Hang in there mama. You're doing amazing. Thanks for the honesty. It encourages the rest of us! πŸ™‚

  50. I nursed my twins for 15 months and was burnt out after a couple months. One of them refused a bottle for 8 months. 8 months!!! At 19 months she is still my little ball and chain.

  51. Thank you for your honesty regarding fatigue and breastfeeding! A lot of use feel you on that! I'm pregnant with my second and my first is 3 years; the age gap kind of scares me. I'm afraid of of the newborn no sleep territory because my tiredness is already a permanent fixture. Addy says "sex" for chex, we die every time. Happy mothering!

  52. Nursing is hard. I went through a burn out phase around your same time frame – hard. Esp if your kid is still waking in the night. My kid took a bottle though- I can't imagine the stress of not having that option. We didn't even use it that much, but boy it's great to have your body to yourself some times! The sweet spot of nursing for me was about 5-10 months. Latching wasn't a guessing game, she was sleeping, and it was downright enjoyable. I hope you get to your sweet spot soon!!

  53. You are so cute love! Love this post. I haven't been able to sit down and read blogs as much as I used to but am so glad I got to ready this post tonight! We can all totally relate and the sleep part is no joke! Here's to hoping she starts giving you longer stretches soon! xo

  54. I just want to say that's awesome!
    The wife of a Marine veteran…one who could have really used a friend like you have/had a baby who never took a bottle!

  55. My confession is that I HATE nursing! However, I nursed my son for 21 months and am currently still nursing my 18 month old daughter. My daughter never did take a bottle and still barely uses a sippy cup; she gets most of her liquid from me! I breastfeed because I have to, not because I want to. (We worked with a pediatrician and a lactation consultant…I've tried every bottle on the market…spoken to every mom…baby girl just wasn't a bottle baby!) Don't feel bad about disliking nursing; not all of us love it <3 I just tell myself it won't last forever and focus on enjoying what I DO enjoy about this stage πŸ™‚

  56. My baby girl 8.5 months and hates bottles. Only took one once and then she didn't even really take it. I know the feeling of never having any space or time to do anything because when you do decide to leave the house won't out her she won't eat before you go! But, like the above post, my girl has taken to cups. She loves sipping out of a water bottle and can take a straw sippy so well. Also those munchkin miracle cups are awesome for little ones too, she loves those too!

  57. Neither of my girls ever took a bottle but they both took sippy cups around 5 months. They didn't take a full cup but enough to tide them over for a few hours. To this day they won't put anything else in their mouths, it's odd lol!

  58. Wine is one my essentials too! I've totally been in survival mode. I have a four month old and a two year old and damn it's hard. My husband works more than when he's home, it seems, and I often feel like a single mom. Then the weekend hits and I get the much needed break after barely making it through the week. I assume it will be like this for a little while longer and so far we're making it work. All our family is in another state and I've honestly considered taking my girls for an extended visit, because sometimes I just need my mommy. But I couldn't be without my husband for very long. I've eaten a lifetime's worth of chocolate these last few months and I totally deserved it!

  59. I feel you on the nursing, too! My son wouldn't take a bottle either (he nursed every hour or two for the first 5 months, talk about endless arm rolls!), and I work from home so we made it work. I thought for sure I had done something wrong, like not introducing it soon enough, not trying the right bottle, etc. but then I started reading so many stories from other moms who shared the same struggle. Finally at around 5-6 months, something clicked it got so much easier – feedings and wakings spaced out, started eating solids, etc. Hopefully something clicks for you soon too!

  60. This post is awesome – it is so nice to feel like you are not alone in the day to day struggles that we face as moms. I am exhausted with a toddler and a four month old over here. I dream about sleeping through the night and not having bags under my eyes πŸ˜‰

  61. PREACH. Seriously – I am about to hang every single one of our Christmas decorations and buy all of the expensive candles. You can do this breastfeeding gig, I promise. I didn't nurse, but I exclusively pumped for my twins for 14 months and it SUCKED sometimes. But I promise you can do this and you're going to be so glad you did. And it's okay if it sucks sometimes. You're an awesome mom. <3

  62. My two and a half year old was using the potty, jumped off after she was done, looked into the toilet to see the damage and proceeded to yell 'holy shit!'. Mom win for sureeeee. The next night, after explaining to her that we don't say those words, she walked into the bathroom, pulled down her pants, looked me right in the eyes and said 'I'm not going to say holy shit'. Ya win some, ya lose some, right?!

  63. Claire sounds like my Ella in both sleep and nursing except Ella is 21 months! Oh yes, she is still waking up 3x a night ? And still nursing ? I love nursing but only planned to do it for a year and figured she would wean herself like her brother…wrong. I never gave a bottle and now she refuses any type of milk other than nursing. So I get your " trapped" feeling and so I really wish you luck and hope you find something that works. I hope she finds her sleep groove soon too and I hope my little girl does too haha ?

  64. I'm with ya on this whole post. Hannah just weaned at 13 months and never took a bottle either. Nursing is work! But honestly my favorite line came from the comments. The one about the giving your daughter a lollipop everyday for 15 minutes of quiet. "Sanity, sponsored by sugar." οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½ Ain't that the truth!

  65. If you're an Amazon Prime member, anazon has a new app called "Prime Now" which delivers all kinds of goodies in two hours for free and one hour for 7.99- including milk and wine! I use it often in the afternoon/evenings hours when packing up those kids seems daunting. I'm pretty sure it's available in the Atlanta area!

  66. Girl. I am 100% over nursing my 9 month old, who sill sleeps in 3 hour (or less) stretches, but I'm not quitting either! It's okay to be over it! πŸ™‚

  67. Finally someone I can relate to about breastfeeding! We are almost to 9 months and I'm reallllllly over it.. I will happily keep going but if the little guy could just take a bottle every now and again I would be SO happy and it would make such a difference. I feel like I can't ever leave him in fear that if he got hungry no one else could do it but me. But it's hard to say that out loud when I know there are people who would have loved to be able to breastfeed for so long or the women out there who absolutely love breastfeeding. I do like it but I defiantly have my moments of being so over it. Well thanks for making me feel better and letting me get that little rant out. Your wonderful. Your girls are beautiful and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  68. Love these posts! My confession: I'm 26 and I've plucked two grey hairs out of my head this week. I'm blaming my six month old and my husband equally. πŸ˜‰ Hashtag bring on the hair dye!

  69. NoseFrida is the best. It's one of my new mom must haves. I love Capri Blue and have guilty bought them too, usually with my 15% birthday discount ha. But I did find a total dupe! Excited to hear more about the house drama πŸ™‚

  70. I struggled to pay with all three kids at Walgreens, then was struggling to get one out of the cart in the parking lot. The lady that was behind me in line came up and helped me. "Don't worry, I remember these days, I was there, too." I watched her climb into her suv alone. And one day I will be there, I thought to myself as I buckled my littlest one in. It put a smile on my face that almost drowned out the other two bickering over seat belts.

  71. Love these type of posts. Thanks for sharing with us your joys and struggles. Parenting and marriage is full of trials and decision making. Thankfully, you too have a supportive family and husband to have your back. I am also so impressed you are still actively blogging with 3 kids, kuddos for real.

  72. LMFA OFF!!! Yes to many of these. With my first kid, I exclusively pumped for 13 months (long story) and was over it. With my second kid, who is 20 months now, I exclusively nursed. It got old at one point, constantly having to worry about nursing where/when in public, the side eyes, the frumpy clothes so it was easy to nurse, etc etc. Now that he's older, he is eating table food but I'm still nursing. It can still be cumbersome b/c it's on demand when I'm home, and I work 4 long days a week away from home so he uses that as snuggle time I think. I still get the side eye, and the "you're STILL nursing"…. But I just shrug it off and say "yeah, we're weirdos"… b/c I just don't give a shit. And it kind of makes me laugh.

    Also, I can totally relate to your previous Chick Fila parody post. My youngest kid was being a total asshole yesterday and I thought I was going to check myself into a ward. So we went to Chick Fila and all was right in the world again. There is just something so liberating about a free mini icecream cone with sprinkles.

    Was I right? Or was I right about the Nose Fridda? That's one serious snot sucker.


  73. I've been burning that candle for a decade or longer…nothing compares! I've had the traditional cobalt jar, a pretty Cardinal red jar, & a gorgeous Mercury glass jar that burns beautifully! Enjoy!

  74. OH! And we have used the snot sucker from day one and we could not survive with out it. I have never seen such a snotty, boogery kid (his nickname is Boogie….) and it has been amazing! Gross but amazing! Be happy you have your girls and not my snotty boy, lol!!!!!

  75. I have so many…I can't even….oh wait. I spent a small fortune on Nickel & Suede earrings and I'm so not even sad about it! I got 5 pairs and I bet I order more…they are ah-mazing! Don't feel bad about the breastfeeding. While I'm sad it didn't work for us (and not for lack of trying), ultimately it was nice to be able to have a break from feeding even though I did 90% of it staying at home and all. And we haven't put the tree up yet but we WANT to since we'll be gone a lot over the holidays…I just don't know where to put it so that the 15 month old doesn't destroy it….

  76. I love everything about this post! Seriously, the honest and real life tales are the best!
    I can relate so much to your last comment and photo that I was laughing hysterically at work!
    Making memories each and every day!

  77. Yes these posts are my favorite! My 3 month old had been doing the same with waking… I'm. So. Tired. And both my girls are sick too :(. My little also stopped taking a bottle. My thing is I need some me time to get my hair done but can't. I know I'm wining too but it is hard. And she eats every 2-3 hours! Thanks for your honesty I think it all makes is connect and feel a little better about our worlds.

  78. I feel you on the breastfeeding, and my little is only 2 months old (actually I can't believe she is already 2 months)! I can't wait until she is done cluster feeding and sleeps a long stretch at night so I can enjoy a drink or two!

  79. Claire sounds like my youngest and most demanding and dependent of my 3. It is sooo hard to have a cranky baby you can't put down and also be used as a human bottle/pacifier. He wouldn't take a bottle either and still to this day (14 months) never really has. The only thing I can tell you to make you feel better is that is seriously flies by. Before you know it you will have a walking, chatting little toddler who will barely nurse anymore and it will make you sad, especially if it's your last baby like it is for me. Pretty soon you will have a hard time even remembering the days when you couldn't be away for more than an hour or two..and miss her when you are away for longer. Hang in there momma!!!!

  80. Love love this post!! ❀️
    As far as the Claire issue have you tried habing your hubby give her the bottle? My babe wont take a bottle with me but drinks it in 3 secs with the husband. They say they can smell the breast and will just refuse anything else. I tried the whole sippy cup thing and didn't work!
    Ohh the fun of girls!! Harper is a doll! I bet you have tons of laundry for her many outfit changes! ❀️?

  81. I feel your pain with the lack of sleep. My son was born June 16, so a couple weeks before Claire and he's still waking up at night (although we're lucky he takes a bottle no problem… And I'm exclusively pumping). He recently mastered the art of rolling from his back to his belly and will immediately do so when put down on his back. We have to wait until he's fully asleep. Then he wakes up in the middle of the night because he finds himself on his belly and freaks out οΏ½οΏ½ Seems like everyone's babies have been sleeping through the night at this age so it makes me feel better to know we're not alone (I know doesn't help you much). I just keep telling myself that one day I will get to sleep (maybe by the time he's in high school lol)

  82. Confession:

    My kid is living on Annie's bunny grahams, edamame, blueberries, and cheez-its, because I don't care to fight about food with a toddler.

    ::now off to listen to Usher's confession on I Heart Radio::

  83. Our 3 year old is still calls hummus 'thomas'. Ha ha, carrots and Thomas are requested often. Motherhood is so tough, it's gets even the best of us at some point. Hang in there, mama, you're doing better than you give yourself credit for!

  84. I love you and your little girls…I am one of 4 girls so yall remind me of my childhood πŸ˜‰ Now about those candles. Agree it is the best smelling thing EVER. If you sign up for an Anthro account they will send you a coupon on your birthday every year for either 15% or 20% (cant remember) off your entire purchase!! That's when I stock up on those candles!!!!

  85. Good old 4 month sleep regression! We are going through the same thing! This is my 2nd nursling, Im a breastfeeding advocate and studying to be an ibclc….that being said, nursing sucks sometimes! I too get touched out but, this too shall pass mama! Just like all the other challenges that motherhood brings. Have you looked into pace feeding bottles, cup feeding or using a syringe? Its normal and healthy to want to be able to have some you time, its important to get a break!

  86. The love/hate relationship with nursing is a legit thing. I nursed for about 13 months and for the first 4 she refused a bottle. I totally did a happy dance and planned a girls night out after that last nursing session!

    And we are up to our elbows in snot around here, so I think I'll try out the Nose Frida even though it's sort of disturbing. Thanks for the push. πŸ™‚

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