Cozy Family Room Style with Jonathan Louis Furniture

We are so excited to have teamed up with Jonathan Louis Furniture to give our family room a cozy little makeover! With three wild & crazy kids, long work days & infinite amounts of housework, there is nothing we look forward to in a day quite like relaxing on the couch together once our house is quiet. Candles required, wine optional.

We bought our first sectional as newlyweds, without any idea the amount of baby spit up, apple juice & cheerio crumbs that would eventually cover the entire surface. Our couch was destroyed by years of letting friends sleep on it, eating late night pizza on it & of course, letting our kids use it everyday as a bounce-house. So while it was very well loved, it was time for something new, something that would work much better in our space.

Enter Jonathan Louis, and their insanely comfortable, totally customizable selection of furniture. The sofa we chose, and customized for our space, is a classic, but modern chaise sofa with down-like, super plush cushions. We chose from their over 600+ fabric swatches, and eventually picked this ultra durable, textured material in a color called Cork Bar Sand. I love the swiss-dot effect that the fabric has! I know what you’re thinking, how could we possibly have chosen a light colored couch with three kids?! Here’s the deal, I have found that darker fabrics tend to show messes just as much, especially water marks which is the most common thing spilled on our furniture. It is more about the fabric itself, which is why we love this one because it is naturally stain-resistant & easy to clean, and has already proven itself against a blue m&m! 😉 We have made more of an effort to not let the kids run around with juices or crayons (which duh, we should have done a long time ago, just ask our walls & carpets). Because of our tall trees outside, our family room doesn’t get a ton of natural light, so for me, a light colored sofa is really the only way to go in terms of making the room feel bright & airy. I am excited to hunt down the perfect bold rug for the room next!

Our living room is long & narrow, and all about function, so we loved the idea of a chaise arm sofa because it took up so much less space than a full sized sectional. We also opted to get rid of our ottoman for the time being, which was basically being used as a trampoline, and with kids, floor space is so much more useful! Coffee tables (or anything with hard corners) are really out of the question for the next few years, so instead we opted for one of our small wooden tree stump tables to be brought into the room. We keep it tucked off to the side when the kids are running around, but can easily move it over to put our feet up or set drinks on once the kids are in bed. We love the way the couch cushions are wide enough for two people, and especially love the end chaise for snuggling! It really is the best seat in the house!

If you are interested in seeing more of their furniture in person & customizing a piece for your home, you can visit one of their retailers, ZGallerie, Macy’s or other local furniture stores nationwide. Thanks so much to Jonathan Louis Furniture for this super fun opportunity! You can find us right here for the rest of the season.

Photos by Scobey Photography.


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  1. i love this and will definitely be keeping in mind. We are in desperate need of a new couch! Also, I know everyone thinks you and your girls are the cutest (and justifiably so), but I'm not sure your husband gets enough credit – Such a good looking couple! 😉

  2. I just love this space! I completely agree about not having a coffee table, my kids just jump on our ottoman but I refuse sharp corners. I always see blogs with perfect coffee table displays and candles or magazines set just right, but there is no way that is practical. Great pick and great socks!

  3. This space looks so comfortable and functional! We are on the hunt for the perfect sectional for our basement. Furniture is one of the hardest things to pick when theres so many options! I also love that beautiful sign and your adorable stockings *heart eyes.

    You guys are one darling family 🙂

    XO Kass

  4. Beautiful! Love the fabric pattern and looks so comfy! I also have a white sofa upstairs in our media room and our friends think I am crazy for having white sofa. Its washable and is my favorite piece of furniture.

  5. You know, you are so right! At first I was thinking, how could she get a light colored couch, but I almost think that's better! We have a chocolate brown couch and it's gotten SO dirty from yogurt stain, milk stain, water stain, you name it, my son has spilled it. I was thinking we wouldn't get a new couch for a few more years but maybe I need to look into this kind!

  6. Jessica,
    I'd love to know where you got your socks. They are super cute and look so comfy. I've also wondered where you get all your leggings, especially ones to sleep in. I'm only 5'2 and so most pajama pants are super long on me. I love how leggings don't drag the ground and get holes in the bottom of them but I can't seem to find any that are meant for sleeping. Or do you just buy regular leggings and sleep in those? Also, my daughter just turned 2 yesterday and she is really getting into dressing up. She loves dresses and tutus and jewelry but I can't find anything at the stores other than Disney Princess and that's not really what style I'm looking for. Where do you find all the girls' dress up clothes? With Christmas just around the corner I was hoping to get her some dress up stuff for Christmas.

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